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Juvenile Delinquent

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Juvenile Delinquent Renee Washington American Intercontinental University ? Abstract This report is in regards to our young people today that need to be helped to a point that they have meaning in their lives. There are ways that can be presented to insure that young offenders can work through the pain, and rage surrounding their emotions which causes negative behavior. Healing programs have been a recommendation thru the court systems to analyze juvenile delinquency, and find the factors that lead to meaningful resolutions. ? Introduction

Many of our young people have lost their way in this land of democracy. Why are the statistics so high regarding juvenile delinquency, and a young male, or female appears in our courts every single day before a judge for crimes committed against other people, someone’s property, or belongings that have been vandalized. Where are the families to these lost children? What causes them to erupt into crimes of violence, and mayhem? Something has to be done to help juvenile delinquents reflect on their lives, and the criminal offenses they commit.

Illustrate Offenses The attitude that leads young people toward a cycle of negative behavior comes from deep rooted emotional rage, and pain which causes them to retaliate by committing offenses to others through stealing, vandalizing property, and sometimes violence against other people physically. The courts have begun to intervene on behalf of the juvenile delinquents by recommending healing programs that have been put in place to analyze juvenile delinquency, and find the factors that will lead to a resolution.

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Juvenile Delinquent

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Tell Causes The individual history of being betrayed by someone they trusted who cared for them as a young child. They were often neglected, abused, and victimized by a parent, or caregiver. A large number of family factors are associated with juvenile delinquency. Although it doesn’t excuse the offender’s behavior it does help to explain why so many young boys, and girls naturally vulnerable, and instinctively trusting become victims at the hands of his, or her own parent, and their whole life begins to unravel.

Without positive intervention the child is at risk of violating the law at an early age, and charged as a juvenile delinquent. Consequences/Outcome A parent that has been abused or rejected will eventually lead to emotional wounds within the souls of their children. These wounds can be painful, and traumatic to the child because of where they originated from a family member, or loved ones. Without getting the specified, and intentional healing the infection from the wounds will manifest into bitterness, rage, and pain which will lead toward delinquent patterns.

Conclusion Juvenile delinquency is one of the major problems being recognized and dealt with regarding the youth in today’s society. In “An Update on the Cycle of Violence”, by Cathy S. Widom, and Michael G Maxfield, (2001), stated that children being victims of abuse, and neglect in all likelihood will be arrested as juveniles if a positive intervention of hope doesn’t present itself in their lost lives.

The Bethesda Family Services Foundation provides the type of programming needed for the juvenile delinquent, and his, or her family to start having hope toward healing. ? References Herbst, Dominic P. Helping Juveniles Reflect On Their Lives and Criminal Offenses. Corrections Today, Jun2005, Vol. 67 Issue 3, p22-25, 3p Retrieved October 30, 2012 From MasterFILE Premier Widom, Cathy S. ; Maxfield, Michael G, An Update on the Cycle of Violence Research Brief

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