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Jennie Dixianna

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She subconsciously shows true personality when she performs her ammos act, "The Spin of Death". Jennie Dolan uses her act to tell us a story about her past and how she connects her feelings with her performances. Jennie Dixieland' act starts when she ascends the rope to get to the top of the hippodrome, similarly this process shows that from a young age she has had a hard time relating with others in society due to the psychological scaring done from past events. First, she climbed a rope, which slithered snake like between and around her legs as she rose Ever since her mother bled out while giving birth ND passed away it has been a struggle for Jennie to accept it so she just tries to put it in the back of her mind and distract herself from the haunting scene of her mother dying. The rope symbolizes as a snake which slithers between and around her legs. Furthermore, this portion of the act indicates the beginning of the endless raping done by her father after her mother passed away.

As a result, she had to adjust to the way things were which was a lot for a 6 year old child. Similarly, "Jennie became a walking phantom, the living receptacle of unlived lives" (33). This example illustrates' how hard it was for her to deal with the hardships of living in the real world with nobody to help her with her problems. In addition, Jennie Dishpan's classic act of, "The Spin Of Death" relates to her emotions connecting with her past since she has no other escape from reality so her performance helps her feel comfortable as she reminisces of her mother and great times In her life as she reaches the top.

Similarly, "At the top, she fastened a small loop tightly around her wrist, held the rope at arms length, and posed In graceful relief' (28). Jennie Dishpan's achievements are a milestone because it just goes to show how strong she is spiritually and physically. The petite size allows her to daintily climb the ropes like if it was natural for her to do however a man or woman bigger and stronger than her probably couldn't do what she does in her act. The tight rope around her wrist could be related to the strong connection she felt with her mother which allowed her to feel safe.

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Even though she Is suspended above the center of the circus she appears relaxed as she gracefully poses for everyone to see. Meanwhile she's posing everyone in the audience gasps and cheers her on consequently making her feel confident about her abilities and helps her escape from the problems of her past. It also signifies how she felt when her mother was around which was strong and happy. Furthermore, Jennie Atlanta's finale portrays the most dangerous side that can she swings so fast she has to dislocate her shoulder with every spin.

Even though this act can be dangerous she has the will power to show she can do whatever it takes to make it in life even if it means risking her own life. Likewise, "The finale of her act was a series of full swings high above the hippodrome. " (28). She takes a lot of pride in being the high flying Jennie Dixieland so she takes all she has in her to do this act. Every time she collects all her efforts to support herself and reminisce in her most favorite of times while she performs her dangerous feat. As the ringmaster announced, "Ladies and gentlemen!

High above the center ring, miss Jennie Dixieland will now perform her famous SPIN OF DEATH! Tonight, she will attempt to break her cord of fifty turns, powered only by the strength of her one dainty arm. Count along with me as Jennie Dixieland tries to beat he own world record! " (28). The name alone refers to the dangers that come along with this stunt because in can certainly cause death if it goes wrong. But Jennie Dishpan's strong will and extreme confidence in herself allows her to perform and show relaxation when she reaches the top.

In addition, the fact that she tries to beat her record every night indicates her level of commitment to her act. Her routine baffles other fellow circus people, "feared that she would wear her flesh all the way down to the bone, and that one night, she'd fall from the sky, leaving nothing in the spotlight but her hand still clenching the rope. " (28). Even though, her peers doubt her abilities she pulls through and gives a great performance every time. Her determination to be the best at what she does shows due to the fact that her father and mother left a young age.

She was left to fend for herself however she took everything she could and learned room it. At one point it shows, "Jennie was the man and woman of the house: cook, farmer, laundress, barterer. " (35). Certainly, this amount of responsibility can be a lot for a 6 year old to undertake as she's growing up and still dealing with other problems therefore it goes to show her personality is a product of having no childhood and Just working to keep herself alive. Born a fighter she knows how to make money in any situation to survive. Subsequently, Jennie Dixieland has the power to do whatever it takes for her to survive.

If it means that she has to barter or even if she has to risk her life to make a living whether she likes it or not she is willing to do it. She can do anything and is a very confident person because she learned how to take care of herself from a very young age. Although some of the past events she experienced such as her mothers and fathers death took a psychological toll on her she learned to put it behind her not completely accept it but Just throw it to the back of her mind. Jennie Dishpan's character has tremendous drive, strong, confident, and spontaneous, she will persevere.

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