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Huckleberry & Finn

Is or isn’t Huck Finn racist? Does reading Huck Finn help or harm race relations? I believe Huck Finn isn’t racist but shows some race relations. Throughout the entire novel Huck repeatedly says the word,” nigger” but intentionally we cannot blame Huck, because that’s the way Huck was raised. In chapter 8 on page 41, Huck and Jim seem to grow a bond, a bond that society wouldn’t accept, when Huck later finds out that Jim ran away and were wondering in the woods they seem to develop a close friendship.

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Huck could have told someone that Jim ran away but instead Huck accepted Jim and took part in an adventure along with Jim. In chapter 15, Huck and Jim talked about how close they are to a free state. Later in the novel we realize that Jim talks to Huck in a way that blacks aren’t supposed to, but Jim doesn’t see Huck like other white men and women, Jim looks at Huck like a friend.

In chapter 16 on page 88, Huck starts to show some hesitation towards setting Jim free, Huck knows that setting a black person free wasn’t the right thing to do. In chapter 40, Huck and Tom found a way to help Jim escaped from being enslaved. This is a clear indication that Huck shows no form of racism towards Jim or anyone else, but the reason why he say the things he say and acts the way he act is just simply how Huck was raised.