Facing Hard Times And Adversity

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Evan Michel Mr. Rotolo Advanced Composition 31 August 2010 One of the most challenging parts about facing difficult times and hard ship is learning how to look past the adverse times to see the brighter side of your troubles and the lighter side of your struggles. President Gerald R. Ford made a speech to Washington’s Gridiron Club and stated just that. Americans are at their very best when they look at the brighter side of their troubles and the lighter side of their struggles,” the quote from President Ford’s speech is a perfect reminder that no matter what hardships you are going through it can always be made better by looking at it from a different perspective.

By embracing the brighter side of the problem Americans are able to address the problem that is at stake and happening right now instead of being held back by past problems and hesitation.Americans go through times where it is extremely hard to put food on the table and many citizens can’t take that kind of stress. This is when President Ford’s advice can come into play. If only the Americans that are going through these hardships would look differently at them instead of struggling and trying to fight them their life would be made much easier because they could solve the problems and move on with their lives. Over the history of our country there has been many instances where these hard times are present not only to some but to all and many people just break down and give up.For example The Great Depression was a time when the stock market crashed and America as a whole was going through an adverse time. During this time there were a small handful of people who looked at the problem from a different point of view, as recommended by President Ford and helped pull our country out of that whole and back to its former self.

If no one would have taken action during that time and everyone would have waited for someone else to do it for them then America would probably still be in a depression.No matter what type of problems we face and how difficult they are they can all be overcome. This can be done by looking at the brighter side of life and remembering and other past hardships that were overcome and how you overcame them and putting that knowledge to use. Whether the problem is big or small Americans can overcome it together by trying. Overall President Gerald R. Ford’s speech to Washington’s Gridiron Club is all the advice needed to get through any hard time in life.

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