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Everybody Hates Chris

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“Everybody Hates Chris” I have watched Everybody Hates Chris ever since I was 10 years old and I still find it to be the best comedic television show on Nick at Night. When you have Chris Rock as the narrator, how can you not laugh? This show is considered to be one of the best shows on TV for family’s and younger children. It normally plays at 9:00 pm every weekday on Nick at Night. You can sometimes catch it weekdays around noon on B. E. T. I like having the show on at this time because on school nights it gives me something to relax to and laugh at.

I love everything about this show because it has a common aspect to each episode, has many genres, and the characters are fun and easy to relate to. The main character of the TV show is named is Chris and every episode revolves around him and his family. Chris is a normal child who has a sister, brother, mother and father. They live together in NY, where they spend their days working and going to school just like any other family. He is the oldest child, so he is in charge of taking care of his younger siblings Drew and Tonya.

While Chris is at school, he is the only black kid in his class so he gets picked on and judged all the time. Him and his best friend, Greg, are what you would call the nerds or losers in the class. His sharpness and character helps Chris throughout the show but he will have to go through many obstacles, at home and in school, in order to grow up. In every episode the plot is that Chris, the oldest child in the family, must make certain decisions and act upon helping the people he is surrounded by. Each episode he is given a certain task or problem he has to solve.

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The best part of the show is that no matter what Chris does in the end someone hates him for what he did. For example, in one episode he has to make $100 to pay back his dad for buying tickets to a concert. He lied to his dad that he needed books for the new job, which comes back to haunt him. The first thing he does was find a job, which happened to be at a funeral home. But of course Chris didn’t read the agreement he signed and didn’t see that he does not get paid in cash. Instead they give him money for books to learn more about the funeral home process.

Then the day the concert arrives the manager makes Chris stay until he finishes all his work. Chris was left sitting and carving the caskets until the next day which meant he didn’t make the concert. He was okay with this because he learned something new and had a fun time with the manager. Never the less in the end he goes to receive his pay check to pay-back his dad and realizes it isn’t cash! “What is this, I thought I was getting paid, not a gift certificate for books! ” explained Chris. “You mean you didn’t use my money for books when I gave you that $100! Chris’s dad screamed. “Well Chris you still owe me $100 dollars and are in a lot of trouble. ” You can start to see the trend because in the end his dad is upset with him and he can never make everyone happy. This is where the different genres come into play because you have this comedy TV show that also has suspense and humorous drama. Some scenes can also dramatic relief and heartfelt ones. Most of the heartfelt scenes come when Chris’s mother explains the situation to him and helps him solve his problems.

An example would be where she sat him down to talk about why he shouldn’t have skipped school. This plays a huge role in the reoccurring theme of Everybody Hates Chris. Every episode you can one hundred percent count on having the same theme, where Chris is given a problem and must find a way to solve it. Then you will have his parents and siblings argue with him or one another. His mother can be very outspoken at times! While his father, on the other hand, is more conscious about their money and how it affects him. His siblings like to get him trouble a lot and they succeed at doing this.

After all the action happens Chris will usually have a break through and solve his problem. Then he thinks he has done a good job and got away with whatever he did wrong. When in the end, all of the viewer’s know someone always makes that solution turn around and have them hate Chris. This TV show does an excellent job of portraying a typical family back in the day where you have three children; and normally the father would work two jobs with the expenses being so high. It is a great stereotypical family that will make your own family laugh at the things they do.

Viewers find it humorous because they can relate to the jokes and activities Chris’s family pulls during the TV show. I know that I have related the show to my own family multiple times. This is a great family show that will let you relax and give you a few laughs to relieve all that stress. If you love to be with your family and laughing at comedy TV shows, I would recommend this show because I believe it is the best one out there. Compared to today’s shows, Everybody Hates Chris, sticks to the family appropriate level and will have your family laughing for hours at a time.

Everybody Hates Chris essay

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