Eve Teasing: A Widespread Social Evil in Bangladesh

Last Updated: 31 Mar 2023
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Eve Teasing: Law of the Land Now a day we often see the scenarios of eve teasing on the daily. It is being spread out from country side to country side day by day and it is being introduced to the new generation as regards eve teasing on and on. We see a statistics compiled by Bangladesh Women Council of last 10 months 3908 women have been oppressed and harassed in various ways. Of which, suicide case was 300. In addition, most all of these suicide events are involved with eve teasing. At present, school, college, university going girls are often being hunted of eve teasing on the street.

It is to say, hunting of eve teasing of a girl is so general visible, just in its opposition the visible of penalty of eve teaser is rare. Learner or not learner such woman as well take mentally preparation before going out from their room for this that she would be teased on the path with slung languages or bad attitudes by vagabonds. ‘Eve teasing’ on the street is one such reflection of the inner beast in men, women are subjected to this social evil irrespective what background they are from. The lexically meaning of teasing is to make fun of a person playfully or annoyingly.

It is a euphemism used in the sub continent for sexual harassment or modesty of women by men, with eve being a reference to the biblical Eve. Namely, staying hither and thither or turning point of college going path, to make tease known or unknown girl, or make tone, comment or display abetment or throw slang language or attempt to capture photography by mobile phone etc is called eve teasing, which includes a small sexual harassment or rape. If there is no parent or guardian with any woman who will be hunted of eve teasing, we can say that definitely. Now think a bit, we can give hundred percent surety concerning eve teasing.

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But can we give one percent as to any positive deed? All suicides caused by eve teasing do not come to light on the news paper. In addition to last some years, Trisha, Rumi, shimi, Sadia, Toshi such many unknown mothers-sisters have departed from this beau world. Question is here-why did they give their lives? Did they have no right to protest, move freely and live fairly? Definitely, they had said rights as per Article-11, 32 and 36 of Bangladesh Constitution which denote as fundamental rights to live in the society free and fairly. Think a bit, they are very our mothers-sister who are being hunted of eve teasing.

Still today our mothers-sisters are being harassed throughout road, school, college, university even office-court and they are forbearing silently. But Allah says in the Holy Quran- Man is the protector of the Woman. The question is that, why do they keep silent. The answer is that, they have no might and no body to stand beside them. Nevertheless some so-called reformists talk concerning women’s rights. Here there is apprehension that they who talk regarding woman’s rights, infringe at first from their family. In the name of woman’s rights or modern era they would like to bring out the on road and set up the western culture in this country.

Someone claim that Islam dishonors woman and treat her as inferior and they have no equal position in society like man. Actually we are accustomed to make comment with such objection about woman’s position in Islam. Still Islam restrains and Islam gives her proper position in society and honors him having high respect as mother. Allah says “ And their Lord has accepted (their prayer) and answered them(saying); “Never will I cause to be lost the work of any of you, be he male or female; you are members, one of another.. (3:105)”.

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