Profile Essay Topics

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Profile Essay Topics

A profile essay is a type of essay that centers a certain person, place, or thing. One of the most common profile essay assignments is one in which the author profiles a certain person, offering information about who that person is and why they are worth writing about.When profile essays are written about people, the author usually aims to offer a well-rounded portrayal of the subject, including information about their background, personality, and any significant achievements or struggles they have experienced.

When writing a profile essay about a place, the author will typically describe the history and atmosphere of the location and offer their own impressions of it. And when profile essays are written about things, the author will often attempt to provide a unique perspective on whatever it is they are writing about, whether it be a new product, a controversial issue, or anything else.

No matter what the subject of a profile essay is, the author always strives to give their readers a deeper understanding and appreciation for it. So if you have been asked to write a profile essay, know that it is an opportunity to not only share your own thoughts and experiences, but also to help others see the world in a new and interesting way.

When choosing a topic, you can seek help from your teacher, research, reuse a text. Choose something that interests you and narrow your item to a specific focus.

The following are theme proposal examples of profile essay topics you can look at:

  1. What Causes Criminal Behavior
  2. User Profile Acquisition Approaches
  3. What Makes a Person Become a Serial Killer?
  4. Using Psychology to Find Serial Killers
  5. Why An Individual Should Have A LinkedIn Profile
  6. World War II Profile
  7. University Dogs
  8. The Professional Development Profile For Music Teachers
  9. The Top 5 Careers That Appeared On My Profile
  10. Transformational Leader Profile
  11. Toyota Company Profile
  12. The Typical Profile Of The Female Offender
  13. The Occupational Profile Of A Mathematics Professor
  14. The Writer’s Profile
  15. The Memory Profiles in adults and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  16. The Effects Of Advertising On The Youth Market
  17. Describe a person that has been influential for you in the world of sports.
  18. The Great Philosopher: A Profile Of The Philosopher
  19. The Facebook Profile: A Right or a Violation?
  20. Describe one of your best brands in the market.
  21. The Long-Term Effects Of Losing Profile
  22. How do you choose the sport of your choice?
  23. Highlight some of the reasons why it stands out from all the others
  24. Outline the smartphone you love the most while highlighting why you prefer it over all the other phones.
  25. The Controversy of Psychological Profiling
  26. Tesla: The High Tech, Electric Vehicle Automaker
  27. Taming of the Shrew Character Profile
  28. How to create a Positive Online Profile
  29. Social Networking with a Purpose:
  30. Serial Killers who Possess Necrophiliac Tendencies
  31. Ford Motor Company
  32. Review of the profile of creative abilities
  33. Profile of a Leader
  34. Silhouette of a Substance Abuse Counsellor
  35. Profile of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  36. A Defining Moment with Dad
  37. Apple Computer, Inc.
  38. Community Profile: International Students Association
  39. Computer Hackers
  40. Economic Profile of the Airline Industry
  41. Employers and the use of social media in the hiring process

As you write, ensure that you keep reflecting on the main ideas that you discussed in the interview.

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