Philosophy Essay Topics and Ideas

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Philosophy is the study of different disciplines, including ethics, logic, epistemology and metaphysics. It can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Chinese who were interested in questions such as “what is real?” and “why do things happen?”.

Philosophy is a form of critical thinking that involves analysis and reflection. It seeks answers to deep questions about human existence, knowledge and values. Philosophy also examines whether our beliefs are justified or reasonable based on evidence.

How to Сhoose Essay Topic on Philosophy?

If you’re looking for essay topics on philosophy, there are many different ways you can go. The first step to choosing the right topic is to ask yourself what kind of questions you want to answer in your paper.

For example, if you’re writing an essay on the question “What is beauty?”, an obvious thing to do is look at different theories that have been proposed by philosophers throughout history. You could look at Plato’s theory of Forms, which says that beauty is a form of perfection; or Aristotle’s theory that beauty is found in symmetry; or Kant’s theory that beauty is not subjective, but universal.

If you’re looking for more specific ideas, here are some things to consider:

  • What kind of philosopher do you want to write about? Some philosophers might be more appealing than others because they made their name on certain ideas (for example, Descartes’ famous “I think therefore I am”). Or maybe there’s a philosopher who has had a lasting impact on your life (like John Stuart Mill).
  • Which philosophical school do you like best? If this affects your decision when choosing an essay topic, then it’s important to understand these schools first so they’ll make sense when they appear in your paper later on as well.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Philosophy

  1. The Value of Philosophy in Modern Society
  2. The Philosophy of “Pride and Prejudice”
  3. Plato vs. Aristotle: The Force of Argument
  4. Philosophy is the best academic subject of all time.
  5. An Argument Against Veganism
  6. Is Gay Marriage Wrong?
  7. I believe in God
  8. The Use of Philosophy To Control The Individual
  9. The One Thing I’ve Learned From Philosophy
  10. What is Philosophy?
  11. Philosophy is Not a Waste of Time!
  12. Why Eating Is Important to Philosophy?
  13. Realism, Antirationalism and the Meaning of Vulnerability
  14. Individualism vs. Collectivism: How Values Interact with Socialization 01 January 2014
  15. There’s no such thing as a free lunch
  16. We Are All Made of Stars
  17. An Argumentative Essay on the Philosophy of Will
  18. A Philosophical Result of Ontological Reality
  19. Philosophy is more than just arguing semantics, it is the study of “Life”
  20. Socrates and Epicurus argue about the concept of what the meaning of life truly is. In this
  21. Stoicism: A Philosophy You Can Live By
  22. The place of religion in the private life of an individual
  23. Ancient Philosophers Were Not All Dead
  24. Can We Really Understand the World We Live In?
  25. Belief vs. Opinion
  26. Free Will is a Farce
  27. In today’s modern society, it seems that the general public is more concerned about the novelties of
  28. Can Man Make his Own Happiness?

Interesting Essay Topics on Philosophy

  1. An Essay About the Benefits of a Living Wage
  2. 5 Reasons Philosophy Majors Should Become Teachers
  3. 10 Dead Famous Philosophers with their Quotes
  4. How To Make Friends And Influence People
  5. There’s a Solution to Every Problem
  6. Are Humans Natural or Supernatural Beings?
  7. Is Happiness in the Now or in the Future?
  8. How to Forgive and Forget?
  9. What Are the Most Interesting Philosophy Essay Topics?
  10. How to Writing Essay in Philosophy
  11. What is Philosophy
  12. 5 Common Misconceptions in Philosophy
  13. Why is philosophy important?
  14. Why Philosophy is Fun
  15. Can You Live Without Philosophy?
  16. How to Be a Good Person in 9 Simple Steps
  17. Is morality a necessary characteristic in human life?
  18. 10 Most Common Objections to Vegetarianism
  19. Utopia vs Reality
  20. Your Resolve: If a hawk circles above you, what will you do?
  21. Why you need to know about philosophy
  22. 5 Ideas That Will Make You Think About Life
  23. Have you ever wondered about the meaning of life?
  24. The Philosophy of Yoda
  25. How to graduate from high school and be prepared for the future
  26. What is the meaning of life?
  27. How Free Speech Can Grow Society ​
  28. How to Make a Good First Impression
  29. Small, Simple Things: How Often Does A Small Act of Kindness Change A Life?
  30. Cute Dating Tips That Can Double Your Chances
  31. Why Men Shouldn’t Be Overly Desperate With Women
  32. Are Cell Phones Sustainable?

Informative Essay Topics on Philosophy

  1. The Basics of Philosophy
  2. What Is Philosophy of Culture and What Does It Mean?
  3. Naturalism Philosophy
  4. Top 10 Philosophical Questions to Ponder
  5. 5 Eminent Philosophers Of All Time
  6. Why is philosophy important?
  7. 3 Famous Philosophers of All Time
  8. 3 Legal Ethical and Moral Issues in Business
  9. One of the biggest issues that people have to deal with in their lives is that of death. To
  10. Advantages of Philosophy
  11. 5 Helpful Tips On How To Choose The Best Essay Writing Service
  12. How to Be a Crafty Philosopher
  13. Business Ethics: The Concept and its Relevance
  14. Immanuel Kant: The Rationalism Ethics
  15. What is the central question at the heart of philosophy?
  16. 10 Best Personal Development Books of 2017
  17. the nature of mind
  18. To Acquire Knowledge is to Gain Power
  19. Five Scientifically Proven Ways To Increase Your Height. The 5 Secrets You Are About To Read Are
  20. The Basics of Plato’s The Republic + 3 Sample Essays
  21. Defining Philosophy
  22. 13 Great Philosophical Ideas That Defined History
  23. Essay on the Reality of the Self
  24. 5 Tips for Writing a College Paper
  25. What is Philosophy and How Does it Relate to Your Life?
  26. 3 Fascinating Philosophies That Have Shaped Our World
  27. The Search for Human Identity
  28. Plato Vs. Aristotle
  29. The Impact Of Social Media On Society

Philosophy Essay Questions

  1. The Philosophy of Morality
  2. What is the role of philosophy in our daily lives?
  3. It seems to be a suitable topic for the discussion
  4. How can philosophy help us achieve happiness?
  5. The Silence of the Lambs
  6. Should Birth Control Be Mandatory?
  7. Do You Enjoy Eating Limes
  8. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems.
  9. An essay question on the ideology of Descartes[See blog for further details]
  10. Essay On The Day You Were Born: Things I Could Never Change
  11. What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? What made it so memorable?
  12. what is the significance of the Fourth of July in your life?
  13. Philosophy of history essay
  14. Free Philosophy Essays and Papers
  15. What Goes Into A Great Philosophy Essay
  16. How To Get The Most Out Of Your Philosophy Essay
  17. What is the meaning of life?
  18. Ever since the era of Socrates, philosophy has been a crucial part of our human journey. I feel
  19. Why Ad Viewability Standards Are Meaningless

Special Tips for Writing Philosophy Essay

It is not easy to write philosophy essays. The main reason for this is that you will have to make a lot of research and understand the complete concept of your essay. It may take time to write a perfect philosophy essay. However, the good news is that we are going to provide you some tips that will help you in writing a perfect philosophy essay.

  1. The first step in writing a philosophy essay is to understand the topic of your essay. You need to read about it, study it and then know about its meaning so that when you start writing your essay, it will be clear in your mind how exactly you should write it.
  2. The second step in writing a philosophy essay is research on the topic that has been given by your teacher or professor. You should know all about the topic before starting your assignment so that there will be no confusion while writing your essay later on.
  3. The third step in writing a philosophy essay is finding out all possible sources related with the topic that has been given by your teacher or professor such as books, journals etc… They are very useful when researching on any topic as they contain accurate information regarding different aspects of life which helps us in knowing more about anything.

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