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Dexterity Impairment

Definition: Dexterity Impairment (Arms/Hands/Fingers) Reduced function of arms and hands makes activities related to moving, turning or pressing objects difficult or impossible. This does not influence speech communication itself but makes it hard to make a phone call or use a wide range of other equipment. Big button phones, text-to-speech and other handy products If you have problems with dexterity you don’t have to struggle with small buttons or fiddly switches.

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Many of our phones have features which may help make using them easier.

More about Easy grip handsets Handsfree and headset options Large or well-spaced buttons Memory store to reduce the number of times you have to press buttons to make a call Speed dial options so you can store frequently used numbers under dedicated buttons for one touch dialing Pre-dial facility to check the number you have entered is correct before dialing Dedicated 1571 buttons for easy message retrieval. BT Big Button 200 The BT Big Button 200 is our most popular phone, with lots of features to make calling easier.

It has large, well spaced buttons ideal for anyone who struggles to see a smaller keypad, easy volume controls, an inductive coupler for use with a hearing aid, and much more. . Simple tips to help with dexterity Keep items you use regularly in places that are easy to reach, perhaps get a cordless phone. Don’t use your hands for a long period of time without breaks, you may like to consider a hands free telephone. Consider making adjustments to your home like adding hand rails or lever taps.

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