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Dehumanization Night Paper

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Since such demutualization happened in the Holocaust, it is a big lesson to be learned an should be avoided in today's society. In the book, a character named Mosher the Beadle tells of his experience after being forced out of the Sighed. In the forest of Galatia near Oklahoma, the demand action starts. As Mosher tries to warn all Of the Jews after his miraculous reappearance he says, "Each one had to go up to the hole and present his neck. Babies were thrown into the air and t he machine gunners used them as targets" (Wisest 5).

They were even forced to dig graves, only to be thrown into the holes as soon as they were done. Yet no one believed that any human could b e capable of omitting such a crime, and they all dismissed him as mad. Little to their UN deerstalking, it would all become so real to them in a matter of time. The second act of demutualization would be Weasel's experience in the Ghetto o. After a few days the Jews were told news of deportation. Day by day, a new street WA s forced out of Gray 2 their homes and into the Ghetto, being transferred to a concentration camp a after that.

While they waited in the road to be moved into their new home, they craved nothing but water. In the reading it says, 'Vide stayed sitting down in the middle of the road, as the the RSI had done the day fore yesterday. There was the same infernal heat. The same thirst. But there e was no longer anyone left to bring us water" (Wisest 14). They were given no water and little food, making it awfully hard for anyone to survive in the heat and all the while they sat guard De by Gestapo.

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Dehumanization Night Paper

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After the horrible experience Wisest had in the Ghetto, only the worst was yet to come. The population of the Ghetto was soon liberated, boarding a train to Auschwitz z. Upon arrival, everyone soon came to the realization of what demutualization really is. One of the first people to figure it out was Lie's father as he said, "Humanity? Humanity is not concern Ned with us, Today anything is allowed. Anything is possible, even these crematories... " (Wi sell 24). While walking throughout the camp, vulgar things such as the burning of children w ere sighted.

The prisoners were forced to shave their heads, and a tattoo of a number was Eng raved upon their skin. With that new number, Wisest was no longer known as Lie but as prison ere AH. After going through the showers and the barber, the prisoners were introduced to t heir barracks which consisted of terrible sleeping conditions and little food. A few weeks later, the Jews had to go wrought a "selection" or survival of the fittest. Whoever was not strong enough h to go on was immediately sent to the crematory and not even given a second chance.

If so none was too weak to run, they were not worthy to survive at all. Later on in the story the able prisoners are forced to evacuate from Auschwitz z, having to march many miles without rest and in freezing conditions. If one were to fall d urinating run, he was immediately eliminated. After awhile, everyone who had survived so far was put on a train Gray 3 to travel to Glitziest. On the train, prisoners are left to fight for something so s all as a crumb of bread. Once arriving at their destination, the dead and weak were left on the t rain.

Three days later, everyone went through another selection. Every time someone would a sky an AS Officer for food, they would be struck down by the blow of an object. If someone was day Eng, the other prisoners would steal his ration of bread and soup. No one would help the we AK become strong again. Throughout the entire story, there is a clear theme of demutualization and AR e many reasons why it should not happen again. From beginning with Mosher to the e ND of the war, Jews ere looked down upon and thought to be an unfit race in humanity.

When Mosher the Beadle was first evacuated, a turn of events was set in motion. When the Jews were t awaken to the Ghetto, no one knew of what was to come and they thought it was maybe a new begin inning for the Jews. However as they grew closer to the concentration camp, reality began to set I n and everyone became worried. Farther along when they were being evacuated, their number RSI had dwindled and all the remaining prisoners were weakened and worn out. They had been Dee imagined from the first time they stepped out of their houses to begin the long journey through t e war.

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