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College Essay (Soccer)

As a senior, my team and I take our first step onto the turf field; we go on as a family that is striving to bring home the cup. This is my first, yet last chance to do this. The heat from the turf moves through my cleats and onto my feet.

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The intensity of the sun is shining straight down on me and the sweat is just beginning to start. Then my mind rewinds back to those few words that crushed me terribly last year coming from the varsity soccer coach, “I think it’d be best if you played on junior varsity this season. I spent countless nights being angry that I did not make varsity and I felt somewhat like a loser because I was a junior playing on the JV team. After a few weeks, I figured it was pointless to feel pity for myself and decided that I was going to show everyone how great I could be. Soccer has been my addiction since I was five and nothing could ever replace the desire for it. My father taught me the rules and coached me; I was set on making sure I knew every aspect of the game, attempting to perfect every skill. I was in complete disbelief when I was not put on the varsity squad, I thought I was good.

I knew I had to get better because there is always room for progress. My first step was to improve my physical condition by running and lifting. Running was something that I dreaded to do every day, but knew it was so vital to do. I absolutely despised running, every time I wanted to stop I would just think, “A starter wouldn’t stop running until they’ve reached the end”. Lifting weights was an activity that I found enjoyable and did not mind doing. Besides exercising, I spent numerous hours working on my ball skills; juggling, controlling, and passing everything a starting player should be precise at.

Finally, after many long months, my hard work had paid off. During tryouts I showed everyone that I was a zealous and determined player, taking practice serious and hustling for every drill. The varsity coach awarded me with a starting position for the team my senior year. My determined work ethic, initiative and discipline helped me to get where I am now. To this day I continue to work hard at every practice, even though I am starter. Slacking off is not an option for me. I have applied this lesson to many areas in my life including school work, sports and volunteer work. I am not a quitter and am never satisfied until I achieve my goals.

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