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The articles and information that I grasped from the internet consisted of chemical pesticides and how they are affecting the animals, food, and humanity in today's time. There are many ways to eating healthy, but at the same time we must be observant to the types of food that we put in our system. We have leaner products, vegetables, fruits, and different ways to diet as human beings. These products help people from being overweight and obese.

There are many people who are ignorant to he aspects of living a healthier life, and later on in life they suffer the consequences. These consequences consist of various ailments such as Blood Disorders, Liver & Kidney Damage, Cancer Fatigue, Alchemist's Disease, Death, etc. With the chemicals that are placed in our food now of days: you don't have to be a certain age for them to affect you. Now of days people are losing their life at an early age due to the advanced chemicals that are put into people's systems.

How do we stay away from these chemicals while living a healthier lifestyle at the same time? There are a variety f ways that I will be explaining on how to keep away from these substances. I will be explaining how I feel about this matter at hand, and what I am willing to do to change my life and other individuals as well with the basic information that I have obtained. My research will contain the reactions that chemical pesticides cause, what they are supposed to be used for, and how to keep away from these substances.

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Chemical Pesticides are unnecessary due to the fact that they are hazardous to our health: but the way we can eliminate them is by purchasing organic food, and being observant of Chemical Pesticides By Isaiah hat we put in our system. Most to the time when we purchase t don't even know where these products come from, or where they have been stored. I feel as though most store owners don't even know where some of their products were purchased as well.

Many farmers are "farming with pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers". (as cited in "Farming with Pesticides and Why we Shouldn't use Them", 2012, p 1). These methods were used for fighting away pests, plants, and animals: so that they would not interact with the production that takes place with farming. These chemicals consist of a variety of substances that are combined as one in order to reform their task. Their tasks consist of eliminating pests from damaging the crops that are stored on farm lands.

Farmers were reluctant of using this strategy, so that their crops would be raised in the best care to fight off the distractions from producing. If these chemicals are eliminating living organisms: imagine the affect that it has with us as human beings over a period of time. Being that some of these insects have become immune to these chemicals: they have built stronger solutions to become more effective. (Sherman, 2012). Many of these chemicals are in the food that we digest every day. Sad to say, but many of the chemicals that we put in our body transform to cancer cells.

There are some people who immune systems isn't strong enough to fight off a variation of diseases caused by these chemicals: whereas others immune systems are. Also there are many children who have been a victim of birth defects that are caused due to these pesticides, and depending on how the mother and her child adjust to these chemicals: this determines the child's health. I have seen many of situations where children have been defected, or die from cancer at a young age. I always questioned myself: how did a child so young get these ailments.

Then after reading most of these articles: it was bought to my attention that it is mainly in the blood stream, and when they are born: these chemicals are instilled in their system. Our body is much more different from insects or pests, but at the same time some insects are immune to these chemicals as well as we are. These pesticides play a major part in affecting our environment. Our environment consists of animals that produce, nature, and even the water that we drink. The primary factors leading to this problem of muddy streams and lakes included over gazing and poor farming practices (Clark et al. 1985). Pollution has increased with any of rivers and lakes across the United States: and many of the polluted areas consist of chemicals such as "herbicides, pesticides, nitrates, and phosphates" (as cited in "Rural Environments and Agriculture from Handbook of Environmental Sociology," 2013, Para. 45). These chemicals are used to kill off insects to keep them away from major crops and the food that is being produced; but at the same time the important things in our environment are being contaminated.

The water in which many of our food sources come from like fish and any other source of food that is beneath the sea known as seafood: will have an effect on us as well. As for the soil in which many of our vegetables and fruit are grown: there is but so much that can be done to prevent us from being poisoned as well. Our natural sources are so important when it comes to the air that we breathe, and the water that we drink. Most people say: "she had cancer and she didn't even smoke".

Exactly: which means that these chemicals are out there polluting the communities in the world today, and this will continue to happen as long as these substances are used. There will be many to others that will perish because to these chemicals that exist worldwide, and air borne. Many of these chemicals are stored in our cleaning closet such as bleach, certain types of paint, and even a few swimming pool chemicals. Casebooks, 2011). When it comes to insects: bee's is one of the insects that we need to produce our honey.

Effects of Pesticides (2010) argues that "More than 25% of the bee colonies died in the winter 2006/07. And it's estimated that this loss will negatively impact the agricultural economy to the tune of $8 to $12 billion". This is a mass amount of bees that are dying, and let alone from farmers trying to produce: they are decreasing the important aspects in our environment as well. The water and the soil play a main part in our environment. We need water to live and soil to produce our crops: and majority of these fields are being poisoned, and killing us slowly.

Many of these farmers are doing whatever it takes to make a living. Even they are being infected by pesticides if they are not wearing the proper equipment. There are many ways that we can prevent pesticides from affecting our health. Everyone should take these things into consideration for the fact that the air is being polluted with all different types of chemicals. Keeping your face covered when in close range of pesticides is nee way that you can avoid coming in contact with these chemicals Some people walk around the city with surgical masks, so that they won't consume the chemicals and germs that are in the air.

If you are a store owner: satisfy the customer's needs by investing healthier products, so that they will have a choice to eat healthy: rather than Just being left with one option. (Edward, 2013) There are two different chemicals that are used "biological and chemical" (Edward, 2013, Para. 1). The biological pesticides are not harmful to humans or animals, and will not leave residue after seed on crops. These pesticides are used for mostly organic products whereas the chemical pesticides are used for the farming business to kill insects, fungus and bacteria as well.

If both of these pesticides are of use: farmers should lean more towards the biological pesticide being that it is not harmful. In order to stay away from the chemicals that will affect us: organic products should be in everyone's best interest. These actions will prevent sickness and ailments of the body that you might carry on later on in life. This is the main reason why you should stay up to date on our health, so that you will know what you are putting in your system, and the different reactions that your body might have towards certain ailments.

These chemicals pesticides were in existence since the early sass's to the late sass's. According to Jacob Hamlin, 2005), Laws and attitudes about pesticides generally looked at the short term effects of exposure as means to determine safety. Most of the research done around this time was not precise, and looked at as if it could be harmful. Also according to (Hamlin, 2005), later on in the sass's these substances were banned due to the fact that they affected the reproductive system, ND had caused enormous effects that could lead to death. I think that they could have eliminated the problem with these chemicals before it escalated.

For the fact that they were assuming instead of having knowledge about the situation: this led many of them to continue using these chemicals. Once something starts to go well in your favor and becomes a trend: it is hard for the process to be eliminated. Practicing these methods had become a habit, and I'm pretty sure that they tried going back to the normal way of producing, but the results didn't appear as fast as they wanted motto think the deterred government could nave stopped this process along time ago with many of federal laws that could have been established.

If there were federal laws back in the early sass's: I don't know why they are not strict about them laws in today's time. My opinion is that most of these ailments are caused by the government, and that they have the power to cease anything that might be a hazard to the citizens of the United States. When it comes to eliminating pesticides the few options that I have read about are growing your own produce, not using chemical fertilizers, and purchasing organic products. What sticks out to me the most is learning to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

This way you know that nothing is wrong with the way you are producing. My aunt grew apples in her garden by hand, and she grew cabbage as well. She never used any type of chemicals or fertilizer: she just grew them natural. There were many of times when I would see her go out there planting tomatoes, apples, and vegetables as well. Over a period of time she would go pick out what was harvest and make them of good use after she cleaned them. There are many of organic products that exist in the city, and many of them have the lithest fruits and vegetables that you can get your hands on.

With the internet playing a big part on my research: I have found that there are a variety of fruits and vegetables that you can purchase from the local farmers market, or choose wisely from the ones that are good for you versus the ones that have a high pesticide usage. I don't think nobody has the urge to be a farmer, but if you are planning to grow your own crops and use chemicals to produce: your best bet would be to protect your skin layers at all time. These are steps that will at least give you a better chance to stay way from the chemicals that dwells on these products.

Most of the chemicals are heavily soiled, so washing them with soap will help them get as much of the thick residue off as possible. Many of the insects that exist around your produce are hard to eliminate, so there is a massive amount of chemicals that exist on these fruits and vegetables. A peeler seems that it would help as well: because you are not only peeling the skin off: but small layers of what you are about to digest are coming off as well. I think that this is very usable information, and after reading these steps: I will cake sure that I apply them to my daily life when I am eating non- organic products.

I feel as though the chemicals in our food products have increased over the years, and no matter what: there will always be some source of information in the near future that will keep us updated about the effects that these substances may cause. The main problem is that many people don't read up on this information, so they are blinded by the matter. I read this information to my mother, and she took some apples out the refrigerator and washed them with dish washing liquid. The water turned green and she had a shocked look on her face that was priceless.

After I shared this information with her she shared the same information with my aunt who is 83 years of age. The whole purpose to learning is listening and taking that information with you and doing your research to find out if what you read is actual facts. You don't hear much people display this information, not even on the news. In order to establish a healthier environment and practicing healthy eating habits: I will share this information with many people as possible. This way we as people can stay up to date on our health, and be more careful what we eat and how we eat. Reticence: Dry.

"Biological and chemical" pesticides can have different outcomes whereas one can determine the health of humanity and animals, and the other is like a water down version which will not cause so much damage depending on how much is consumed. The article provides a balance view on our health and how we can eliminate toxins from pesticides in our system.

The article indicates that even most of the bees are affected and are dying off from these pesticides: and they produce our honey. This article will be translated in the second part of my position paper expanding on how we can keep toxins out of our system, and living a healthier life for you and your family. Dunlap, R (2002) Rural Environment & Agriculture. Retrieved from http://www. Correspondence. Com. Proxy. Diver. Dude/entry/Swenson/ rural_environments_and_agriculture This article discusses how important water and soil is to our environment.

Almost half of the soil that is being used to produce our robs is damaged, but only a very small percentage is of good use. Also with some states that are subject to drought: there are many states that actually accumulate too much water. This makes it harder for other states to produce: which would more likely consist of them using more chemicals to produce. The article indicates the importance of water and soil, and how using resources and technology can play a great part in changing the environment. This idea will be used right before my conclusion stating other ways that pesticides can be eliminated.

This article discusses how the pesticides were being used in the twentieth century to kill insects in order to protect the crops from being damaged. These pesticides were at a limited used to protect the soldiers from "contracting insect- borne diseases". Back in this era the pesticides were looked at as harmless to humanity because it showed no sign to snort term detects This article indicates now pesticides were used back in the day to kill insects to help produce their crops.

Also after years down the line they found out that pesticides affected the reproduction system, caused death, and even extinction to different species. This idea can be used in my third section of my paper discussing the short term and long term effects of pesticides, and how dangerous and beneficial it was at the same time. Samaritan, J (2011, July, 23) The Dangers of Pesticides.

Even with the fruits and vegetables that are sold at your local market can be hazardous for you over a period of time. Most fruits and vegetables that are organic are less likely to have a large amount of chemicals on them. These chemicals consist of Diet, trainee, and CA which stands for Chromate Cooper Arsenate. These chemicals are built up in the colon area and can cause diseases such as "cancer, Alchemist's Disease, ADD, and the endocrine system". The article explains how the chemicals that are used in our everyday appliances are polluting the system of humans and the air which we breathe.

This idea can be used in the first section of my paper: explaining how these chemical will affect the human body over a period of time with illnesses that can lead to death. Sherman, B (2012) Farming with Pesticides and Why we Shouldn't Use Them.

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