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Breaking Rules

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Jack Inzerillo Eng 101 Professor Meadow 6, march 2013 Breaking rules, me personally I’ve done it multiple times in my past, no I don’t agree it’s a good thing but every time I have broken one I always knew what the consequences for my actions were. I certainly agree that breaking the rules and regulations of life (laws) is absolutely wrong, but I also agree that some laws are absurd and aren’t lenient towards us citizens. I believe if I was in the position where I needed to break a law or else something could possibly happen to me I would most definitely do it and disregard the consequences.

For instance, around a month ago I was driving home on the long island express way when I encountered a problem. The problem being was some random guy whom I did not know through something that looked like a rock out of his car and into mine. At first I had now idea what had happen until I looked to my right and I saw him about to throw a cup filled with soda at my car, therefore at that point I sped up away from him. While I was speeding I assume a cop was hiding of the side of the high way and got me on the radar going 90 mph.

Soon enough I got pulled over, after explaining to the officer what had happen he didn’t buy my story, and gave me a ticket and told me to be on my way. Moral of my story was to tell you that I do not regret getting that speeding ticket because what if I had stayed there and continuously let the guy throw stuff at my vehicle, something could have happened to me. I still to this day believe if something went wrong and I needed to break the rules again in life I would do it.

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