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Bend Oregon

The name bend was derived from “Farewell Bend”. This designation was used by the early pioneer that refers to the Deschutes River, where the town is platted. Deschutes country, Oregon is the principal city of Bend Oregon, Metropolitan statistical area. The population was 52,029 at the 2000 census and has grown to over 75,290 as of 2006. It is located at the edge of Ponderosa pine Forrest as it transferred to high dessert plateau, characterized by junipers, sagebrush, bitter-brush and little water.

Tourism is one of Bends largest sectors. The cascade lakes are large draw for tourists.

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Some of the recreational activities include downhill and cross country skiing, hiking, biking, rafting, golfing, camping, fishing and more. Bend also a home to the Deschutes Brewery; the largest in the city. It has also hosted the Bend film Festival bend film. Bend was previously the only metropolitan area west Mississippi without a public bus system. Funding was acquired and bus service began on a limited basis.

In terms of their government, they appointed commissioners assigned to its respective duties. There are various board of commission which includes Code of professional conduct committee shall monitor new and revised AICPA Interpretations and rulings. Next is the State Board of Agriculture led by Chairman Bernie Faber. It has three-fold mission: food safety and consumer protection; protecting the natural resources base: and marketing agricultural products.

There are also a commission in alcohol and Drug abuse, appraiser certification and training council, arts commission, architect examiners, Asian affairs, asset forfeiture oversight advisory committee, Board of athletic Trainers and lastly the aviation board. In the present year, infrastructures and top companies are growing and expanding, proving that Oregon has a well established economy.

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