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As I stand Ironing

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When watching the short story Il stand here Ironing, I had a different feeling of the story then when reading it. Watching the video had harsh prospective, she seemed mad and frustrated with her daughter. When I read it I felt like she was just a concerned parent for her child. It is amazing how one person can interpret a story such as II stand her ironingo, and another person might read or see it in such a different light. My personal views on the video verses reading it were, actions, mood, and severity of the issues.

as i stand ironingFirst of all in the video Il stand here Ironing, the mother seemed so focused on her thoughts of her daughter, that she was taking it out on her ironing. Her actions were jerky, rough, and deliberate. When I read the story I felt much different. In my mind I thought of a caring woman quietly and softly working, struggling for an answer for her many questions an how to deal with her daughter.

Second, the video showed a mood of up most intense feelings, whereas reading the story it just seemed as an every day worry that would pass with the wind. The mood is so drastically different to me from the video to reading it. The mothers mood was tense and very thick. She

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seemed distraught and so consumed with the situation. When reading it I felt she was upset but not to the point of frustration. The mood seemed to be lighter and a matter of fact.

Last but not least, in the video she seemed like she was going to explode if she did not come up with a solution immediately. Her actions seem so strong that the issues seemed to be a major part of her life to figure it out and soon. When reading it the issues seemed to be there but not over taking her life to figure out how to fix the situation. It did not seem that she was consumed with fixing her daughters life but had a caring, loving, wanting to show her she cared attitude. The video was much more to me then reading it.

In conclusion, I feel that most people get something different out of any story by watching it verses reading it. As the reader I feel that reading touches two senses such as touch & sight. When watching the video made two different senses get touched, sight and sound. I think conclusions are going to be so different when you are touching different senses. I got a totally different story out of the video then from reading it. It is amazing that such differences and conclusions can be made by the same story line.

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