Anu Ano Ang Dapat Tandaan Sa Pag Aalaga Ng Hayop

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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I have watched so many films before that deals with children that makes me cry because of its sad endings. But this movie really touched and even tore my heart specially now that I’m already a mother. At first, when I see the child on the screen with that attitude I thought that it was just a part of being a kid who does silly things and sometimes gets so stubborn. Until I found out that there is something wrong with the kid that most of the parents don’t understand and what their child is going through?

It is true that it was really hard for us parents to admit that our child is different from the others and most of the time we compare them with our other kid and we sometimes say “ Why are you like that? Why can’t you do what your sister/brother’s did? ”. Most of us parents don’t realized that “Every child is a Special” and they are unique as a fingerprints. We’re not suppose to compare them with the other, not to estimate them on what they can do or even pushed them on the things that they don’t want.

Let us be their companion, their security and comfort. Study our kids and help them grow with LOVE, CARE and full support. If our child seems to be different, let us redirect them and help them to live like the others. As a teacher, we also need to be sensitive on the needs of our students. Kids always looked up and believed on us in the way we act, say and do. We as a second parents for these children can be a friend too! Let us help them to share and show their talents.

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Parents and teachers may work together for the better future of each child. I thank you so much Ma’am Ruby for sharing us that wonderful movie. You’re not just a Prof. that gives us knowledge for the given subject but you’re contributing to us much that will help us not to be perfect parent or teacher but how value our life to the fullest to be a good person with LOVE! Truly, God is good and He really made us with a purpose.

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