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After Graduation

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Going to college is just the first step in way to achieve goals in life ,so it depend on the person and how much he can gain of skills and experience to begin Incision his own way in the practical life. it was once said “One person believes in his ability and insisting on achieving its objectives, stronger than 99 people not only have wish list”.

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After Graduation

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. The second point is my personal office of the Interior design in ten years after graduation.

Finally My real goal in the practical life which I wish to achieve in 20 years after graduation. After five years of graduation I can see myself in the field of Interior Design has gained experience and skill of the engineering office I work in so that I could gain fame, expertise and experience in practical life and give me the ability to incision my own way. For example ,it is possible to start with working in engineering office where I can gain money and fans to start my own project and built my way.

Ten years after graduation I will be able to open my own project either a partnership or personal project in this field and the prosecution of all new and all developments in the field of Interior design. For example, I can begin the project by partnership with a compatriot or with a businessman who can support me by the money than I work to develop and increase the expertise of employees in the office and choose the best engineers to work on to get the trust of customers to spread fame office at the level of the capital and then at the level of the whole state to become one of the best office interior design.

After twenty year after graduation I could see myself reaching my real goal which is managing my owe big and famous company of decoration . For example, I will build a company in the manufacturing of furniture and everything that have a relished to decoration with unique design from the best designers around the world with new innovations and unfamiliar

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