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Adi Godrej

Personal Profile Adi Godrej •Birth Name: Adi Burjorji Godrej •Common Name: Adi Godrej •Date of Birth: April 3, 1942 •Zodiac Sign: Aries •Sex: Male •Hair Color: White •Nationality: Indian •Religion: Hinduism •Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Family Adi Godrej •Father: Burjorji Godrej •Mother: Jai Godrej •Brother: Nadir Godrej •Spouse: Parmeshwar Godrej •Son: Pirojsha •Daughter: Tanya Dubash, Nisa Godrej Career Adi Godrej •Profession: Businessman Trivia Adi Godrej •. Submit View All Trivia Quotes Adi Godrej Recently Godrej Industries and our consumer division outsourced their IT architecture to HP. Each division/group works independently, and so the decisions were also independent.

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All the same, each department has a different skill set.

We wanted to benchmark and balance those. – Unknown submitted by – Vaibhav Dhiman •We deployed ERP more than a decade ago to connect with vendors and customers. Today, the ERP covers all modules even the HRD. We further expanded the scope in customer relationship by bringing CRM online.With eCRM, we have taken it a step forward. We refresh the technology regularly. From an MFG Pro ERP ten years ago to SAP, we have come a long way.

– Unknown submitted by – Sanjeev Dhiman •No. I only use the email and occasionally access the internet. ” I have a Blackberry Bold as a personal tool. I do not have a laptop. I work on a desktop. – Unknown submitted by – Sanjeev Dhiman •Very important. However, he is not a business strategist, a CEO is responsible.

CIO is a part of the business strategy team, and is a part of the business decisions.It should be understood that technology does not dictate business, business dictates technology. A business should be able to leverage technology. BI is also a very important tool to understand customer behaviour. Information is collected and used well. However, technology modules cannot be the center of business. Innovation in prod – Unknown submitted by – Sandeep Sandeep Singh •We are in many businesses.

We will continue to expand in the B2B segment, and our major areas of growth are the FMCG and property divisions.We are growing at a faster rate then the competition in the FMCG market. In the property market, there is a huge scope for all players to grow. It is a vast market with huge growth potential. – Unknown submitted by – New ID Submit View all Quotes ‘Joint ventures and strategic aliances are not necessarily forever’ Biography Adi Godrej Last Updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 . The Godrej products were among the first indigenously manufactured products to move entrenched overseas brands.