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Accidents Happen All the Time

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Nathaniel Leonard Gladden ENC 1101 39659 28 October, 2012 Accidents Happen Accidents happen all the time, to anyone and everyone. Sometimes we accidently run into someone on the street, and other times it’s a little more serious. On one particularly gray and gloomy day a mere fraction of moments lead to events with tragic consequences. It involved a car border line illegal with balding tires, and brakes set on suicide mode. The person driving the vehicle of doom was a struggling college student, with little and or no money.

The lady driving a car right off the lot spoke with thick New York accent and had the temper to match. It’s funny how at any moment, thoughts turn into actions, actions turn into events, and suddenly were left to face the aftermath. That day specifically was a mess of intertwining events that lead to two people meeting in unfavorable circumstances. Everyone gets involved in accidents, whether they’re cautious or reckless. The driver of a black kia death machine was especially cautious considering she knew it was not the best in regards to safety.

She knew it wasn’t long before some freak accident would cross his path, but she would try to avoid it like hell. The fact is life is a recycling wheel, in which past leads to present, and every action has its foot print in the future. It was early in the morning, around 7:30 and the streets were busy with stop and go traffic in every direction. The sky was overcast, gray clouds blocking all sunlight, with rain pouring down in scatters. The streets were glossy with rain, and the reflection of the lights shone on the surface.

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Traffic was absolutely ridiculous and early commuters are often aggressive if not outright maniacs. The young woman was driving her way home from a late night with friends, still a little groggy since she wasn’t use to being up so early. She had driven down that road a million times and never had any issues with the morning flow. She was just about to merge into the next lane, since the turn for the highway was coming up further ahead. She started to drive over and saw the car ahead break lights shining brightly through the light rain.

She began to pump the breaks, when suddenly the car didn’t slow down as expected. The car ahead seems to being nearing quickly, and her heart started to race. She pulls the emergency break and feels the drive of the car as it pushes forward regardless. In mere moments a normal drive home turned into a scary event. The sound of screeching tires pierced the air, a loud thud broke the morning silence, and what followed can be described as an atmosphere of confusion and anger. The driver in the black kia didn’t know what to do.

She had just hit a car from behind, and she knew he had to get out and confront the other driver. It was raining, which made it entirely more uncomfortable, and all around him cars honked and whizzed by in frustration. She opened the door cautiously with shaking hands. A head a lady comes at her with craziness in her eyes, staring directly at her. “You little punk, are you freaking blind”. The lady that hit the car was trying to stay calm saying “Lady, get a grip. Your car is still drivable… my bumper is sitting on the ground”.

The lady was furious; she screamed for 5 minutes before she noticed the other driver wasn’t saying anything and then she apologized. The two began to explore the damage, which inflicted much more harm on the kia then the new 2013 escalade. The new car had a few scratches, but the young college student’s car looked like it had a head on collision with a semi-truck. It wasn’t even the worst Part of everything because the faulted driver had no insurance, and she knew she was going to get totally screwed by the man in blue because she has zero car insurance.

The cops arrived on scenes approximately two hours later. The thought of fleeing the scene had cross the faulted drivers mind more than a few times. If it weren’t for a bumper half on the ground, and an exchange of information holding her back, she has been half way home and scott free. Three hundred dollars in fines, and lawsuit pending, that young driver figured something crucial out. Don’t drive without insurance, and if you are don’t do it with a car with bad breaks because you will inevitably screw your life over and get into an accident.

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