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A Beach

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Wisps of warm tropical air brushed gently against my face as the soft white sand caressed my feet. A warm sheet of humidity enveloped me as my eyes gazed along the long beach that reminded me of a long carpet. Occasional tourists dotted the tranquil beach enjoying the magical sunset while sipping a tropical cocktail. A low rumble followed by a sharp crackle was heard as a Jet Ski raced along the pellucid water like a shark chasing its prey. Smoke trailed from its outboard motor as it continued its rapid advancement along the beach towards the Jetty that stuck out of he shore.

I slowly turned back up the road and nonchalantly headed towards the teeming town. Nestled in a quiet street near the heart of the town I decided to try a small cafe that had misty white walls and affable staff. Slowly the day was breaking too close as the sun began to retreat behind the clouds far off in the distance where the sparkling ocean met an empty white abyss. The hustle and bustle of night activity became evident as dusk set. Vendors pushed their rattling trolleys along the long walkways that were cramped with tourists setting if on their dally stroll exploring the large network of alleyways. Enjoyed the intricate architecture that so delicately defined the rich culture. The architects here do not design buildings; they merely interpret the traditional rules. As I wandered the town my eyes were drawn to the baroque detail that was infused into the traditional buildings that dotted the streets. I noticed the countless statues of gods that lined the streets, I wondered why this was unheard of from where I came from. The people here played out their peaceful lives, innocent of the litany of excess and lenience that plagued the world around It.

However, I was soon to find out that this wasn't going to last for long. Slamming on my hotel room door woke me up hastily the next morning. I peered out of the small hole and was alarmed to see a petrified looking hotel staff. Immediately, I opened my door and that was when he spilled the dreadful news to me. A tsunami was In bound and was estimated to hit the imperiled coast in less than an hour. A sense of panic inhibited me as I turned around and threw my bag on the bed and began to shove all my clothes In It.

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For the first time, I was fearful as I knew that the calm waves had stirred from its deep sleep and was coming to shatter the peace and halcyon that seemed to be intertwined into this serene island. Without further distractions I managed to turn on the television and flicked to the first news channel there was. I stared at the screen silently as my body was consumed in shock. The tsunami was going to hit the shore at 300 kilometers an hour in 5 minutes. I fought the panic that had engulfed me and picked up my day pack with all my essentials before running towards the hotel exit.

A lonely tear trickled down my red cheeks as I continued running out onto a crowded street. Consternation had seized the whole population as people hastened towards the mall road that led out of town. 1 OFF the top floors and praying for the best. As I looked at my watch I realized that it had been 5 minutes already. A wicked trepidation had paralyses me as I began to picture myself dying. I heard a low rumble similar to that of a Jet ski. However, this was a rumble that brought fear into the eyes of the brave and made the whole island fall silent.

I peered out to sea as I dad my way back to the hotel. I stopped walking. My body was glued to the floor. It was an overflowing perpetual of water. A monster. The waves came crashing on to the shore about a mile from where I stood. By the time it had struck I was safely on the sixth floor and was watching its dark blue opaque claws tear up everything in its path. It annihilated the low lying buildings that have stood majestically for years. I was enveloped in a dark blanket that dampened my sense and left me in a bubble.

I heard screams for help as the waves surged through the island demolishing everything like a bulldozer. It was an army that could not be defeated powered by the temperamental mother nature. Silence fell as the waves retreated back to the shore. It dragged with it the roofs of the ancient pagodas and the tangled metal frames of motor vehicles. I stared solemnly as I saw the occasional body floating; lifeless. Cessation hung in the air. This beautiful island had met its watery grave. There were no screams. There was no time. The nebulous ocean had spoken. There was an overhanging silence. A lapse in time.

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