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Your Style

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Type is Cultivated Classic You transcend the basics with effortless attire that takes on a simple, modern, yet refined aesthetic. You have a cool sensibility in putting together looks that have a timeless inventiveness that is uniquely you. Your wardrobe has an array of functional separates, transitional pieces and refined prints that is truly classic.

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Invest in bright, classic pieces such as skirts and blazers to easily create color-blocked outfits.

Simply lip on statement accessories and high heels to change up your entire look. Your Style Type is the Femme Nouveau Not only do you exude an ultra-feminine air of romance, you also have a remarkable playfulness and affinity for the avian-garden. Your exceptional likeness for floral prints, lace ruffles, beading, and bows makes you the quintessential version of today’s modern day femme. Try pairing a patterned fit and flare dress with a vibrantly colored pair of satrapy platforms for a look that radiates a whimsical romance.

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