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Yadav challenges

New challenges motivate me and my work is my passion. I’m always open to conversation, networking with like-minded professionals or discussing future prospects. Connect with me on Linked In or contact me at [email protected]

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commenced my career at Alfa Cotec Industries, Binola Haryana as Executive Accounts (a unit of Haveli Ram Bansi Lal of Companies) from Jun’08 to Jul’11.

Currently I am working with G. H Enterprises, Gurgaon as an Accounting Executive since Aug’11. I possess experience in finalising books of accounts with ensuring time & accuracy norms for profit & loss account & balance sheet. I possess knowledge of bill booking of all expenses (HR, Admin, Employee, Service, Transporter), Invoicing Export & Local, Purchase Bill SB (Sales Bill) Preparation, Journal Accounting, MRN Issue, Purchase Voucher, Handling Daily Billing, Make Excise Invoice. I am deft at making vouchers all type with Journal and bank reconciliation. I am adept at handling of Income tax and service tax.