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Additionally, the Triple Entente expended about 1 00 million pounds and est. mated about 225 million during the year of the war (Doc C). The two alliances spent a large ammo nut on their militia for several reasons. Foremost, if one country used money to make thee r military power erupts others, the neighboring provisions felt compelled to do the same, an d perhaps even exceed the surrounding nations in order to not become underdeveloped com pared to the rest.

For example, Below of Germany announced that, "We don't ever want to become 'the slaves of humanity. " (Doc D) Moreover, as the countries with more powerful militaries became increasingly more dominant, smaller countries, such as Germany, were forced to make a decision to become "a hammer or an anvil" (Doc D) and soon focused on strengthening g their defense and opposing British power, all of which they could not do without multiplying mill tart costs (Doc C).

This alarmed the largest countries and due to the fact that they possessed a prepared force and a stock of arms, the leaders refused to seek more a more reasonable late ruminative in favor of Anonymous. "Militarism. " Dictionary. Com, 2014. Web, 14 Deck 2014. Http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/Militarism war. By the time World War I began in 1914, all of Europe was modernized an d troops fully prepared as a result Of the armaments race and militarism.

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