Writing Reaction Essays: Responding to a Given Situation

What is a reaction essay? This is what is commonly known as a response essay. Reaction essays are written on a variety of topics. You can write a reaction essay responding to a definite situation, problem, reading, movie, etc. The most important is to show what you really think about this situation, problem, etc.

What to write in a reaction essay?

Reaction essays usually describe the impression from something. This is what you should take into account when writing reaction essays:

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  • Reaction essays contain personal feelings. You should write about YOUR impressions, rather than somebody else’s. This is one of not many types of essays where first person is allowed.
  • Reaction essays can be written to agree or disagree with a definite problem. For instance, you may be asked to write whether you liked or disliked something and explain your point.
  • Reaction essays should contain your opinion, but this does not mean that you should not support it by facts. Try to prove that you are right. Exemplify your emotions with evidence from the book (movie, etc).
  • Reaction essays should reflect your ideas about a particular reading, movie, etc. Use such words as “like,” “dislike,” “appeal,” “disappoint,” “overcome expectations,” etc to let your readers know what your impression is.

Remember that your reaction essay may convince somebody to read a book that he/she was doubting in. However, telling about your impressions, do not forget about the essay structure, linking elements, and plagiarism.

Reference the sources that you use, as well as the quotes from the book, movie, etc that your essay is about. Follow all these guidelines to succeed in writing and never forget about the essay writing rules.