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The main purpose of narration is to entertain.Children love to listen to stories, true or Imaginary ones.2.

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Narration is also a vehicle for sharing, though vicariously, what the narrator may have experienced, or what other people may have experienced as witnessed by or told to the narrator or storyteller. 3. Narration satisfies curiosity. It answers the questions: What happened? When and where did it happen? Why did these things happen? How did it happen and to whom? Who were involved in these events? 4. It is also used to record a sequence of events for recall at some future time.

What are the characteristics of the Narrative? 1 . A good narrative is tightly written. Only the relevant events are Included; it Is never extraneous. 2. A good narrative should not only entertain; It should also give the reader the chance to experience vicariously, what the writer may have experienced. 3. A good narrative is not boring. Through a masterful handing of time and event, a well-planned ” lay-out” of the entire narrative, and with the appropriate use of quenching, a writer can stir reader interest and urge him to go on reading with sustained or even heightened interest to the end.

For example, when you write a narrative, you can begin with the most significant event, Jump back in time for some backgrounders (using flashbacks), the you can move forward by hinting at what may happen next (using foreshadowing technique then step right back where you started, thereby leaving the reader in suspenseful anticipation of what the ending would be. You can even make your reader guess (in anxiety? ) what the conclusion will be.

Dolan retired as Dentist of Guenon City Hall, she put her retirement pay on a videotape rental business. She had a portion of her front garden turned Into a small store. Inside, she placed two TV sets for customer previewing, some shelves for tapes, and a table at the center where a cash register was installed. Except for a meter-high iron railing, fencing off the store from the sidewalk, and two viewing chairs strategically placed against the railing, no other furniture cluttered the small space. Business was brisk and DRP.

Divine left on day to visit her kinks in Gambles, pierced the silence of a sleeping neighborhood, the screeching of a speeding vehicle blending with it. ” What happened? ” I asked my maid who barged into the house a few minutes later. She blurted out her news, non-stop. “The shop in front of the house,” she said, “it’s now empty. Everything gone except the chairs, the table and the shelves. Two men in Barron toga went in to rent some tapes and as Nana (the salesgirl) turned to show the tape, one of them poked a gun at her; the other transferred everything into their car.

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