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World War 2

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Briana Rogers Mr. Carter Freshman Seminar H8 October 3, 2012 First Benedict Home Game Where I’m from we don’t have a football team or a marching band, which means there’s really no excitement for getting ready for the first game. The sports my high school was always prepared for was lacrosse and basketball. Knowing that I was finally coming to a school with a football team made me even more excited to in college.

Though, I had heard the rumors about the team never winning games it didn’t bring me down because I knew for sure that no matter what I was going to enjoy every moment of the game. Walking to the stadium with friends put me into that mood knowing that the night was going to be very eventful, whether we were to win or lose the game. Personally I was just ready to hear the band, cheer my team on, and have a blast.

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I wanted to support BC to the point I had the school colors and had my face painted. After so many years of always going with someone to their football and not my own school, this was finally the time for me to live it up. I stayed until half time to hear the band. I can honestly say that for it to be my first college football game I enjoyed myself with the group of people I was and would do it again, plus with our football team to win the game

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