World history Exam questions

what did the artist of the renaissance focus on?
in which city did the renaissance begin?
Florence italy
A patron was a person who?
Supported the arts and artist
A person who produces work in the vernacular is one who
writes in everyday language
what does the word renaissance mean?
who made the sistine chapel?
who wrote the prince?
niccolo machiavelli
who wrote or made the last supper?
Leonardo da vinci
Luther believed that people could only be saved through?
predestination was one of the main beliefs of what?
The roman catholic church reacted to luthers idea by?
excommunicating him
Who was the catholic reformer who founded the jesuits order?
Ignatius of Loyola
Lutheranism did not say what?
the bible is the only true way to salvation
Henry VIII called the reformation parliament in order to?
become head of the newly formed church of England
The counter reformation saw all of the following except?
Religious tolerance
a wealthy person who gives money to the arts is known as?
a patron
John calvin did what?
introduced predestination to protestanism
martin luther did what?
wrote the 95 theses
Pope leo X did what?
Excommunicated Martin luther
Queen elizabeth
created the anglican church of england
What did the Edict of nantes do?
it allowed for religous tolerance
The trade of goods from america to europe
columbian exchange
who built the palace of versille?
Louis the 14th
this document was inspired by john locke
declaration of independence
the cirrculation of blood
william harvey
believed in free speech and speration of church and state
who inveted the compass
led a bloody time period
who created the steam engine
who created the cottin gin
eli whitney
who is adam smith?
made the book called wealth of nations
john stewart mill
take the pilgrim to mecca
which war weaked the hasburg and strenghthen the burgans?
30 years wat
the one who bulit the best ships
danish, netherlands
who had to sign a petrion to limit the power of dew process
charles the 1st
who was the leader of the roundheads
oliver cronwell
who wrote utopia?
thomas moore
when they conquered the ming dynasty they tunred it into the?
qing dynasty
this religion is characterized by noble truths
Who said the universe is heliocentric?
the Orbit of planets is elliptical
developed the theory of gravity
Isaac newton
The trade of corn to Europe and livestock to the new Americas was the?
Columbia exchange
True or False
Thomas Hobbes believed that all people were born evil
True or false
the novel and the almanac emerge from the scientific revolution
Salons were meeting placed for intellectuals and artist in the homes of wealthy women in paris France
True or False?
During the scientific Revolution there is less of an emphasis put on reason and observation of nature
True or False
Who were the members of the congress of Vienna?
Napoleon’s navy faced a defeat at where?
These people were a radical group who called for the trial and execution of the king
They wanted to return to a monarchy in France
they wanted a complete end to the monarchy
This resulted from the congress of Vienna leading to future revolutions
Decreased Nationalism
They decreased in power as a result of congress of Vienna
They increased in power as a result of the Congress of Vienna
what were the goals of Congress of Vienna?
Balance of power, Legitimacy, compensation
Both ottoman empires and mughal empires hared what common feature
both were Islamic empires
What does Liberal mean?
they wanted change
what does conservative mean?
they did not want change
This philosopher supported absolute monarchy as an appropriate form of government
who lead the revolution in Haiti?
Toussaint L’Ouverture
Mestizos were what?
a mix of European and Native people
Creoles were what?
Spaniards born in Latin America, can not hold high-level political office but can become an officer of the Spanish armies
Viceroys were what?
office who were appointed by Spanish to govern the different colonies in Latin America
The removal of King Ferdinand VII was replaced by who?
Napoleons brother Joseph
Who lead the revolution in Venezuela?
Simon Bolivar
Declares Venezuelan independence when?
*Simon bolivar wins independence from where?
Independence in Mexico was started by who?
Miguel hidalgo
Who takes over the politics in Spain?
Central America breaks away from Mexico when?
When did Mexico get its independence?
The Monroe Doctrine was issued by who?
Monroe Doctrine in 1823
Toussaint was connected to what place in central America?
Simon Bolivar was connected to what place in Central America?
who were the italian nationalist leaders?
Count Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi
Cavour sides with who?
Austria looses control of where?
Venetia is annexed to Italy
Who were the 2 major players for Germany in its unification?
Otto Von Bismark
Kaiser Wilhelm
Seven weeks war took during what time
what 3 major conflicts lead to the unification of Germany?
Danish war, austro-prussian war and Franco-Prussian war