World History Chapter 4

What was the Egyptian writing system called?
What is an export?
Items sent out to other regions
Who was Ramses the Great?
A great pharaoh who lived in the late 1300s and early 1200s BC, a great builder and warrior
What were pyramids and what were they used for?
for people in the afterlife to live in triangular shaped temples for dead pharaohs
Why did Egyptians fill their tombs with treasures?
So they had everything they needed in the afterlife.
Who did the Egyptians blame if disease struck their crops?
the pharaoh
Whose tomb was discovered in 1922?
King Tutankamen
What is a dynasty?
A series of rulers from the same family
What were cataracts?
Strong rapids
The rulers of ancient Egypt were called
What did early Egyptians use for paper?
What one belief was central to the Egyptian religion?
The afterlife
Describe what the Egyptians believed happened after they died:
their spirit went to the afterlife
Describe what a delta is:
a triangle shaped area of land made of soil deposited by a river
Why was the Nile River Valley such a good place to settle?
because it has plenty of resources
What group of people influenced the Kushite culture?
Why did the first Egyptian rulers wear a double crown?
To symbolize their rule over all of Egypt
Describe a mummy?
Specially treated bodies wrapped in cloth
Why was the Nile River so valuable to the early settlers of Ancient Egypt?
The Nile River was so valuable to the early settlers of Ancient Egypt because it was their only water source for drinking, washing, bathing, and influenced the idea for a river god.