world history chapter 17 study guide

nonaggression pact of 1939
Soviet Union and German
Invasion of Poland
Led French and British to declare war on Germany
Improved tank and air power technology
German airforce
Important battle, was the defense and evacuation of Britain
Fall of France to the Nazis
Was a successful invasion of France by Germany
General Hideki Tojo
Army general and prime minister who lied Japan
(responsible for through WWII Pearl Harbor)
Final Solution
detention centers for civilians
Lend-Lease Act-FDR
Allowed him to sell/lend war materials to allies
Pearl Harbor
Japan bombed U.S. caused us to go into war
Battle of Stalingrad
Major turning point, costliest war (Hitlers biggest mistake)
Invasion of France
Yalta Conference
3 leaders agreed that the Soviet Union would enter the war against Japan (divide Europe-post war)
V-E Day
Victory in Europe, May 8th, 1945
Manhattan Project
Allied scientist raced to harness the atom
Baatan Death March
10,000 Filipino soldiers died, 65 miles
Battle of Midway and the Coral Sea
Allies (U.S.) took offensive in Pacific, turning point
Harry Truman
Indoctrinated commision
Douglas MacArthur
American general, supreme commander of Allied forces in SW Pacific
Island Hopping
Goal was to recapture Japanese-held islands
suicide pilots/ bombers
Nuremberg Trials
In Germany, the Allies held war crime trials
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Atomic Bomb/ killed 70,000, then killed 40,000 (ended WWII)
Civilian efforts in the War
Women played huge roll, rationing war bonds
Outcomes of World War II
Soviets lost most people and became super power, layed Foundation for Cold War
Most brilliant commanders for Germany pushed the British back across the desert towards Cairo Egypt
Took command of a joint British and U.S. Force in Morocco and Algeria trapped Rommel’s Army
new deal, expanded the role of federal government
Played major role in defeating Hitlers germany
Charles de Gaulle
Leader of France, Commanded armored division
Boosted National Morale during the War