World History Ch. 5 Review

During the third and second centuries, who did Rome adopt from the features of their style of art?
Who was the Jewish teacher that traveled and preached in Judea and Galilee?
What did Roman architecture emphasize on?
Who was the highest ranking official in the early Christian church?
the patriarch
What did a person have to do to join the early Christian community?
to be baptized, or blessed with holy water
In the Punic Wars, who do Rome defeat to gain control of lands around the Mediterranean Sea?
the Carthaginians
What effect did the political and military reforms of Diocletian and Constantine?
greatly enhanced the army and civil service institutions, but drained most of the public funds
Who made up the Roman senate, an important position in the Roman Republic?
a select group of about 300 patricians who served for life
What did Roman emperor Diocletian do to try to restore order to the empire?
he divided the empire into two parts
What is civil law?
a system of law that developed under the Roman republic and applied to citizens
What did the Romans used their engineering skills to build on?
aqueducts that carried water into cities
What is the basic plot of the Aeneid?
a hero that escapes from the city of Troy to found Rome
Why did Julius Caesar’s enemies assassinate him?
because they feared he planned to make himself king of Rome
Which of the following form of government in which the leader is not a monarch and certain citizens have a right to vote?
Why did most people, who were conquered, remain loyal to Rome?
because most of them were allowed to become citizens
What most influenced the development of early Rome?
the Etruscans, who launched a building program that turned Rome into a city
In the long run, how were the economic and social policies of Diocletian and Constantine?
they were initially successful, but didn’t work in the long run
Who became the first Christian emperor?
Who made the greatest contribution toward setting Christianity on the road of becoming a world religion?
What was the Roman philosophy that stressed the importance of duty and acceptance of one’s fate?
By the end of the second century B.C., what group became the governing body of the Roman state?
What were Diocletian and Constantine’s social and economic policies were based on?
control and coercion
Why did Roman emperor and Augustus order a census of the Roman Empire?
so there would be records of all who should be taxed
Why did Romans excuse Jews from worshipping Roman gods?
to avoid violating the Jewish belief in one God
What is a true statement about Roman society?
The father had absolute power in the family
Who did the ancient Romans develop their religious beliefs from?
Greek religion
What important change did the Roman emperor Constantine make in A.D. 313?
He granted religious toleration to Christians.
What is a true statement about Jesus of Nazareth?
His teachings were rooted in Jewish traditions.
During the early republic, why was it important that Roman laws were written on 12 tablets and shows to the public?
Plebeians could then appeal a judgment made by a patrician judge.
What happened to Julius Caesar, the first emperor of Rome?
He was assassinated
Why did large numbers of Germanic people cross into the lands of the Roman Empire in the late 300’s?
to escape the invading Huns
Who was the great Carthaginian general who nearly defeated the Romans in the Second Punic Wars?
Which of the following was a period of peace and prosperity that lasted almost 200 years?
Pax Romana
How did the senate change during the Roman Empire as compared to the republic?
It held much less power than under the republic
Under the pressure from attacks, what was the first land surrendered by Roman Empire?
Under which emperor did Rome adopt Christianity as its official religion?
Theodosius the Great
In the early Roman republic, what were members of the landholding upper class called?
What contributed to the economic weakening to the late Roman Empire?
Heavy taxes helped to push the middle classes into poverty.

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