World History – Principles of Judaism

What role did migration play in the history of the Israelites?
Famine forced Israelites to migrate to Egypt, where they spent more than 400 years as enslaved workers.
How did the Jews’ beliefs differ from those of other nearby people?
They Their belief dominatedtheir entire life.
What moral and ethical principles lie at the core of the Jewish religion?
Israelites believed that they had to remain faithful and obiedient to God’s laws. The Torah set out many laws, including the 10 Commandments. Religious dutues towards god and rules of individual conduct are the focus.
What important democratic ideas did Judaism promote through its ethical view of the world?
The Israelites saw their leaders as fully human and bound to obey God’s law. In this way, the culture and religion of Judaism contributed to the rise of another important democratic concept, the rule of law.
Capital of the independent Jewish state ofJudea in Palestine.
Founded what became the Israelite nation.
Led his people to their exodus from Egypt.
Believing in one God.
Scattering of Jews, Babylonian Captivity in 586B.C.
An agreement, promise. God made a convenant with Abraham and his decendants to protect and provide them with a homeland.
A holy day for rest and woorship
Warned that failure to obey God’s law would lead their people to disaster.
Moral philosophies to lead one’s life by. Code of ethics was preached by prophets as a way to lead their lives.