World History 2 SOL Review Packet

Renaissance painter, sculptor Sistine Chapel and David
Leonardo da Vinci
Renaissance painter, inventor, etc. Mona Lisa and Last Supper
Christian Humanist writer during the Renaissance “Praise of Folly.”
Martin Luther
Frist Protestant, 95 Theses
John Calvin
Second Protestant; taught Predestination
Henry VIII
King of England split from Catholic Church
Elizabeth I
Queen of England, created Anglican Church
Hapsburg family
Dynasty that supported the Roman Catholic Church during the 30 Years’ War
Cardinal Richelieu
Ruler of France during 30 Years’ War, took rights away from Huguenots
Ignatius of Loyola
Founder of Jesuits
Invented Printing press
Prince Henry the Navigator
Started navigation school in Portugal
Christopher Columbus
Explorer that discovered Americas
Vasco da Gama
Explorer that discovered route around Africa (Portugal)
Pedro Cabral
Claimed Brazil for Portugal
Hernando Cortez
Spanish conquistador conquered Aztecs
Francisco Pizzaro
Spanish conquistador that conquered Incans
Ferdinand Magellan
Second explorer to circumnavigate (English)
Sir Francis Drake
First explorer to circumnavigate
Nicholas Copernicus
Scientist theory of planetary motion (elliptical orbits)
Johannes Kepler
Scientist heliocentric Theory
Scientist used telescope to prove Heliocentric Theory
Isaac Newton
Scientist that proposed Law of Gravity and Calculus
William Harvey
Scientist discovered Blood Circulation starts with heart
Louis XIV
French absolute monarch overthrown in Revolution
Peter the Great
Russian absolute monarch Westernization
Charles I
French absolute monarch Palace at Versailles
Oliver Cromwell
Led parliament and took control of England after English Civil War
Charles II
Became king of England during the Restoration
William and Mary
Took the throne of England during the glorious reovlution
Thomas Hobbes
Enlightenment thinker absolute power
John Locke
Enlightenment thinker of Natural Rights (life, liberty, property)
Enlightenment thinker Separation of Powers
Enlightenment thinker Social Contract
Enlightenment thinker influenced Bill of Rights (Freedom of Speech, Religion)
French dictator ended Revolution and tried to unify Europe
Louis XVI
Absolute monarch ovethrown in English Civil WAr
Bach and Mozart
Enlightenment Era classical composers
French romantic painter
Miguel de Cervantes
Wrote first novel Don Quixote
Father Hidalgo
First leader of Mexican Independence
Toussaint L’Ouverture
Led slave revolt in Haiti
Simon Bolivar
Led Latin American Independence Movements
James Monroe
President that issued a doctrine to end colonization of Latin America
Count Cavour
Unified Northern Italy
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Unified Southern Italy
Otto von Bismarck
Unified Germany with realpolitick
James Watt
invented modern steam engine
Eli Whitney
Invented the Cotton Gin increased slavery
Henry Bessemer
Process to make stronger steel inexpensively
Edward Jenner
Developed smallpox vaccine
Louis Pasteur
Scientist that studied bacteria and created pasteurization
Adam smith
Father of capitalism “Wealth of Nations”
Karl Marx
Father of communist “Communist Manifesto”
Archduke Ferdinant
Austrian Archduke assassination sparked WWII
Kaiser Wilhelm
Leader of Germany WWI
Woodrow Wilson
US President WWI
Tsar Nicholas II
Soviet Dictator 5 Year Plan, Great Purge
Vladimir Lenin
Overthrown in Russian Revolution
Joseph Stalin
Leader of Bolshevik Revolution in Russia
Adolf Hitler
Nazi dictator occupied Austria Czechoslovakia prior to WWII started WWII
Benito Mussolini
Fascist dictator of Italy invaded Ethiopia
Powerless emperor of Japan WWII
Hideki Tojo
Military dictator in Japan WWII
Franklin D. Roosevelt
President that got us into WWII
Harry Truman
President thatends WWII with atomic bombs
Dwight D. Eisenhower
US General led D-Day forces in WWII
Douglas Macarthur
US General led pacific forces during WWII
George Marshall
Designed European aid plan post WWII
Winston Churchill
British Prime Minister WWII
Victims of Ottomans during WWI genocide
Pol Pot
Cambodian Communist Dictator committed genocide
Committed genocide of Tutsi in Rwond
Victim in Rwandan Genocide
Mikhail Gorbachev
Last President of USSR Glasnost and Perestroika
Ronald Reagan
US President won arms race ended Cold War
Chiang Kai-Shek
Nationalist leader lost Chinese Civil War
Mao Zedong
Communist leader won China Civil War
Ho Chi Monh
Communist leader of Vietnam
Mohandas Gandhi
Led Indian independence with civil disobedience (non-violence)
Led Revolt against British that led independence in Kenya
Nelson Mandela
First black president of Africa
Margaret Thatcher
Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain supported US in Cold War
Indira Gandhi
Female Prime Minister of India that developed Nuclear Program
Deng Xiaoping
Chinese leader that instituted economic reform