World History 1-1

Neolithic Culture could survive without this but we couldn’t
The source of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers is in
the mountains of Turkey
Sumerians didn’t trade this medal
The culture most closely associated with seafaring, trading, and establishing colonies on other continents that border the Mediterranean Sea
Civilization in Southwest Asia that lasted the longest
city-states of Sumer
Neolithic people developed systems of mathematics for all of the following reasons
counting money
Ziggurats intention for the city-states of Sumer were
Trade was important to the people of Sumer becase
needed natural resources: stone, wood, metal
Hammurabi’s law code was important because
most complete Mesopotamian law code known
Egypt became a unified kingdom early in its history because
the Nile was a convenient passageway for conquest
Pyramids of Giza are cool because
they are the most massive made structures till the 20th Century
The conquest of one culture by another usually resulted in NOT
extermination (because they wanted to use them as slaves)
Egyptians who could afford it mummified the bodies of the deceased
to prepare them for their existence in the afterlife
Semite means these two groups of people
Jews and Chaldeans
Akkadians created this writing
First people to write their language by pressing symbols into wet clay
Most commonly spoken language in the Fertile Cresent
Major contribution of the Jews was
Rewriting law codes
Middle Eastern Civilization lasting over 1000 years before being conquered
King Solomon honored the commitment to his father by
Building a temple in Jerusalem
Pair of people living in Levant
Hebrews and Phoenicians
Once the Chaldeans defeated the Hebrew Kingdom they
enslaved the Jews and took them in captivity to to Babylon
Romans forced the Jews to leave Jerusalem because
Jews rebelled against Roman rule in Palestine