Do you believe your drug use and alcohol use affects your singing agenda? . Do you feel another reaction or approach could be used In reacting to rules you do to like? Case Workbook (From Corcoran, J. & Walsh, J. (2009). Mental health In social work (Appendix). Part 1, Multi-Axial Diagnosis: Given the case Information and your responses to the questions after the case, prepare the following: a multi-axial diagnosis, the rationale for the diagnosis and GAFF score, and additional Information you would have wanted to know In order to make a more accurate diagnosis.

Multi-Axial Diagnosis AXIS I: 318. 82 Conduct disorder/childhood-onset type, severe 309. 0 Adjustment disorder 305. 60 Cocaine Abuse AXIS II: WI . 09 NO Diagnosis 1. Acting out 2. Dental 3. Rationalization Axis Ill: hypothyroidism, takes a thyroid hormone medication, labyrinthine, used paper clips on carving into herself this got her into a psychiatric hospital. Denies suicide, went home got in fight with her mother and drank kit cleaner Axis IV: Axis V: Multiple arrests for running away.

Educational deficits due to truancy Non flexible discipline by Step Father Adjustment issues and conflict with stepfather Processing information of biological Father molesting sister Processing Mothers Illness with Cancer Expulsion from home Few positive friends GAFF=40 (Past 6 Months) Rationale and Differential Diagnosis Maladaptive espouse to a psychosocial stresses, Part of a pattern or antisocial behavior Additional Information Needed Shows little remorse for actions and effects on her family and herself Part II, Biophysically Risk and Resilience Assessment: Formulate a risk and resilience assessment, for the onset of the disorder and the course of the disorder.

Biological raised by ineffective, and sometimes abusive parents, parents with substance abuse issues A stable an balance household Communication in the household Psychological lack of guilt or empathy, emotional expression owe harm avoidance, preference for novel and dangerous activities high rate of family problems and lack of emotional regulation Communication in the household, other than yelling and control issues Social Unemployment in the family poor environment intense emotional conflict unstable interpersonal relationships Sexual abuse within the family deviant peer relationships Healthy peer set Participation in organization events that promote better peers.

TABLE 2 Biophysically Risk and Resilience Assessment for the Course of the Influence from a parent suffering drug abuse Low parent issues in the household Parents getting counseling and training in their issues Continued use of drugs and alcohol Participation in illicit sexual acts And participation in Drug abuse counseling Continuous exposure to bad atmosphere In detention facility Placement in positive group treatment facility with children positively progressing with treatment Join in activities What techniques would you use to elicit additional strengths in this client? Get the client involved in singing activities and people in the field Challenge the client with questions of where would you like to be, what can we do to get there. 0 2008. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.

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