word problems: college algebra

find a number that is 56 less than its square
-7, 8
find two consecutive odd integers the sum of whose squares is 130
-9,-7 ,9 or 7
two ships leave port, one sailing east and the other south, some time later they are leaving 17 mi apart, with the eastbound ship 7 mi farther from port than the southbound ship. how far is each from the port
8 miles and 13 miles
a rectangular garden has the perimeter 66 ft and area 216ft find the dimensions of the garden
9 by 24
the height of a triangle is 7cm greater than the length of its base and its area is 15cm. find the height
the side of a large tent is in the shape of an isosceles triangle whose are is 54ft and whose base is 6ft shorter than twice its height find the height and the base of the side of the tent
9ft high, 12ft base
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a rectangle is twice as long as it is wide. if its length is increased by 4cm and its width is decreased by 3cm the new rectangle formed has an area of 100cm find the dimensions of the original rectangle
8cm by 16
a ball is thrown directly upward from ground level with an initial speed of 80ft/s how high will it go and when will it return to the ground
100ft, 5 seconds