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Word List

Any activity becomes creative when doer cares about doing it right or better – John Updike Sunshine City (s/sh sound) Use Suffix – “able” AcceptableAvoidableBreakableCountable ComparableImaginableEatableTolerable WashableUnderstandableReadable In last class, we studied about Subject and Predicate, here is a small class work to separate Subject and Predicate from following sentences: 1.We like playing cricket.2.

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I perform on the stage every day. 3. Burgers and French Fries are available at this shop. 4. The Earth revolves round the sun. 5. The singing of the birds delighted children. . All roads lead to Mumbai. 7. Borrowed Garments never fit well. 8. No one knows who murdered the girl. 9. Sit down. 10. I shot an arrow into the air. Words are divided into different kinds or classes called parts of speech. In a sentence every word has a job. Some words connect, some describe while some provide action. There are 8 parts of Speech: 1. Noun – a noun is a name of a person, place, emotions or thing, like: Akbar is a great king. The rose smells sweet 2. Adjective – is a word used to add something to the meaning of a noun, like: Good boys Ten girls

Dirty clothes 3. Pronoun – is a word used instead of a noun, like Ram shouts —– He shouts. They, them, us, he, she, it etc. come under this class. 4. Verb – provides action: they tell what is happening, like: I fly my kite. Calcutta is a big city. Ram bought the ball. 5. Adverb – is a word used to add something to the meaning of a verb, an adjective, or another adverb, like: Jack solved the sum quickly. This flower is very beautiful. 6. Prepositions – connects nouns and pronouns too the rest of the sentence, like: A little girl sat under a tree.

They are playing in the garden. Others: at, by, for, from, in, of, on, to and with etc. 7. Conjunctions – are different kinds of connectors. They hook together individual words, like: Jack and jerry are cousins. I ran fast, but missed the train. U want chocolates or toffees? 8. Interjections – are exclamations. When you put strong feelings into a word, it is interjection, like: Wow! , Oops! , Ouch! , Cool! , Yikes! etc. ———————– TONGUE TWISTER OF THE DAY DAILY WORD POWER CLASS WORK – SUBJECT / PREDICATE PARTS OF SPEECH THOUGHT OF THE DAY

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