Word Chapter 3 Vocabulary

American Psychological Association (APA)
One of two commonly used style guides for formatting research papers
A list of cited works in a report or research paper, also referred to as “Works Cited” (in MLA style), “Sources”, or “References”, depending upon the report style
A note, inserted into the text of a research paper that refers the reader to a source in the bibliography
Clip Art
Images; predefined graphics included with Microsoft Ofiice or downloaded from the web
Column Break Indicator
A dotted line containing the words “Column Break”, which displays at the bottom of the column
Data Source
Contains information including the names and addresses of the individuals for whom the labels are being created
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In a research paper, a note placed at the end of a document or chapter
Columns in the table; each field describes a characteristic of the record
In a research paper, a note placed at the bottom of the page
Hanging Indent
An indent style in which the first line of a paragraph extends to the left of the remaining lines, and that is commonly used for bibliographies entries
Line Break Indicator
Indicates that a manual line break was inserted, shown in the shape of a bent arrow
Mail Merge
A feature that allows a user to create mass mailings of letters, mailing labels, and other documents and personalize the information in each
Main Document
Contains the text or formatting that remains constant in a mail merge
Manual Column Break
An artificial end to a column to balance columns or to provide space for the insertion of other objects
Modern Language Association (MLA)
One of two commonly used style guides for formatting research papers; uses the “Works Cited” page
The banner on the front page of a newsletter that identifies the publication
In a research paper, information that expands on the topic, but that does not fit well in the document text
Page Break Indicator
A dotted line with the text “Page Break” that indicates where a manual page break was inserted
Parenthical Reference
In the MLA style, a citation that refers to items on the Works Cited page, and which is placed in parentheses; the citation includes the last name of the author or authors, and the page number in the referenced source
Each row of information that contains data for one person in a mail merge
An image of an active window on your computer that you can paste into a document
A portion of a document that can be formatted differently from the rest of the document
Section Break
Divides a document into different sections
Small Caps
A font effect, commonly used in titles, that changes lowercase text into uppercase letters using a reduced font size
A group of formatting commands, such as font, font size, font color, paragraph alignment, and line spacing that can be applied to a paragraph with one command
Style Guide
A manual that contains standards for the design and writing of documents
Works Cited
In the MLA style, a list of cited works placed at the end of a research paper or report

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