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Women fashion 1930’s

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Due to the crash of the Wall Street on October 24th 1929 many people thought that fashion was going to be crippled, but thankfully fashion continued and grew over the years. 2. After the crash women had to sew and mend their own cloths.

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Due to this women who had great sewing skills began copying magazines and the latest fashion. This action was the of starts of necklines lowering, and skirts were being designed with greater detail 3. The style of the sass’s began with clothing that was elegant and botfly feminine. . The cloche hats of the ass’s were replaced by hats with brims worn over the right eye at an angle, berets, and pillboxes. 5. Pillboxes are hats that women wore at an angle. Pillboxes where created in the thirties, and were designed in the shape of a square to fit right on top of the head 6. Women were designing skirts with a v-necked shape extending from one hip to the other on the upper part of the skirt; this design was called a yoke. 7. Skirts were beginning to have a ruffed look and were beginning to become layered.

Women’s skirts were beginning to be filled with many gatherings and pleats at the very bottom as well. 8. A material that was very popular was fur. If a woman wanted fur and she had the money for it than she got fur. Many different types of fur were worn both during the day and at night. 9. Some different fur products such as fur “scarves” (a whole pelt with feet, head, and tail all together, were worn over the shoulder or carried in arms), capes, trimmings adoring dresses, and coats uses furs or pelts.

Those furs or pelts come from animals such as a mink, abbot, fox, lamb, wolf, stable, and chinchilla. Or any animal fur from trapping or hunting. 10. During the sass’s the hand bags were very similar to the hand bags of the sass’s. The bags were beaded and enameled meshed, but during the ass’s leather hand bags had started to become popular. 11. A day dress had a bodice that could be draped with shaped shoulders or bloused. The dresses were slender with the waist lightly defined and an easy fitted vertical line. 12. During the sass’s a lot of different shoe styles.

Thick rounded toes; pumps; wide heels; flats; ankle straps with moderate heels; lace-up; slip-ones; buckles; and two-toned spectators. 13. Women adapted Hollywood fashion with what they saw in movies. The Hollywood fashion was especially adapted into evening wear. 14. The hemline of skirts and dresses were in a tug-of-war between how many inches from the ankles the hemline was allowed to be. At the end of the decade skirts were shortened and no longer in a tug-of-war. 15. The Art deco movement heavily influenced fashion in the early ass’s.

Some popular motifs were exotic, floral, geometric, abstract, and Middle Eastern. 16. Dresses were made of natural fibers (sometimes linen, mostly cotton, wool, and silk), acetate fabric, and rayon. 17. In 1933 American tennis player Alice marble, was the first to publicly wear shorts. By 1934 sports cloths were frequently being worn. Women’s sportswear developed into wide legged mid-thigh shorts, beach pajamas, culottes, halters, tanks, plaudits, skirted bathing suits, middy blouses, wide legged sailor slacks, and sport suits. 18.

A new type of dress that also appeared in 1934 was the “Hoovers”. These dresses were made of cotton, tied, and wrapped around the back. 19. In 1937 business women found favor with suits. Wearing a suit made people take women more seriously when their attire is a more masculine form off dress. 20. When women started wearing suits a new style of Jacket was created to go with their dresses. The Jacket was shorter and went to the waist, had high pockets or yoke trims. The Jacket also had with it a shawl or tuxedo collar, and elbow length sleeves to go over their dress.

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