Why is the "traditional family" a social anomaly?

marriage within a group
marriage outside of a group
person with one partner
person with multiple partners
women with multiple male partners
male with multiple wives
pre-industrial Family?
Raised around work
Partners in the household
Women were skilled in market
Monogamous relationship
Pre-Industrial Family?
Kids were the workers, usually africultural
Birthing labor
Kids were an economic asset, such as tend to the farm and train them to do work on the farm
They need kids as an economic imperative
How do economic relations change ( industrial revolution and Urbanization )
Not at home
Not a family unit working anymore
Men have left home to work
How do gender roles and class intersect in the family
Some women worked while in the upper class women stayed at home with the children
Individual wage earners who are dependent on others to produce what they cannot, such as producing food
Traditional Family
Dad works, mom stays home, married and with children
Heterosexual and Monogamous
Sex Role Theory (limited in western culture)
Nuclear (Parents and biological children)
Social networks – partner selection
Meaning of marriage and family
Internalized perceptions of appropriate “partner and children”
Marriage laws
define legal coupling
Adoption laws
define who is allowed to raise which groups of children
Non-Traditional Families
Cohabitation,Divorce and Serial Monogamy,Dual-Earner and Single Parent Families