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Who am I – short essay

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I believe I am an ambivert, I like to socialize with people once in a while but I value being with myself too. I think I can adjust to any person or situation. This personality trait has helped me to balance my social life as well as student life. I am used to studying and completing my assignments on weekdays whereas I like to hang out with friends and family on weekends. I am an Empathic person which means I am great at listening and showing my understanding. I tend to ask thoughtful questions when I am trying to help someone. My friends always turn to me for advice. They feel at peace when they talk to me. I cannot walk away when I see someone in pain.

I hail from brahmin family, religious, and spiritual values have been instilled in me which has made a person what I am today. I am a believer in God, and I think we get what we sow. It has helped me to become a good person. But I have never forced anyone to believe in god. I am a kind person and try never to hurt anyone. As we get what we pay for.

I have developed a love for reading because of my parents. My parents used to read me bedtime stories and when I got a little older they bought my children’s book. My all-time favorite was Panchatantra. This was my first moment when I fell in love with reading.

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