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Who am I as a person Persuasive Essay

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Who am I? I find this question interesting, I know myself the most and also the least. Often when I am questioned about this my immediate response would be my name, Ella, my age, 14, but these aren’t things that define me and truly show my character. It’s funny, this is such a simple question that nobody really can find the answer to.

Whomever I am is undefined, my personality changes depending on the setting that I’m in. At this very moment in time I am a person who hardly says a word, a person who loves to paint, fighting an illness, but nobodies character stays the same forever, mine could change in an instant. In my head I am someone who is naturally quiet, someone who loves intelligent humor that would go over most people’s heads, and someone who hates rules, or at least I hate conforming to what’s expected of me.

I am the kind of person who is very independent I like to experience things for myself, even if the outcome is bad I will have learned something from it. Who I am is undefined, I could see myself one way and everyone else could perceive me in another way, especially as a teenager my identity is always evolving so pinpointing my exact identity is difficult, as long as I stand up for what I believe and am kind that’s enough for me to live happily.

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