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Who am I – 250 words essay

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Good morning, guys! It's my honor to stand here and make a speech. Today the topic of my speech is who am I.You may think this topic is very strange. I think that's something that most of us have thought about. So who am I?

I was born in the winter of 1996. Unconsciously, I have spent more than 20 years. I have two brothers and a pair of parents who love me. I am my parents' daughter, my brothers' sister, and a school student. When I was young, I always wanted to be someone else. I think in China, most of what parents say is what about other people's children. Children of other families are always better than you, they are all great.

Slowly grew up, more envy others. Other girl's figures are really good, they are really tall, have good white skin, so beautiful. Comparisons are odious. But now, I think I am the best, I don't admire others, make efforts to live my own life, every day is happy, I think I really grow up. No matter how good the life of others is,it's none of my business. Rather than blindly admire others, might as well think you want to do, what kind of person you want to be. So, all of the girls, you should believe you are the best. In my eyes, you are all the loveliest people in the world. Be yourself. That's all for my speech. Thank you!

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