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Where You Keep the Secret

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secret. something that can not be known by everyone, except the people who create the secret. secrets can be for the good and in the same time it can have a negative effect that long in one's life. based on the articles, the secret can be done by anyone who wishes to not let certain people know. example of the often secret didembunyikadalam this article also clearly tell whether the examples of the most popular places for some individuals who want to conceal something and what is the impact on individuals keeping it secret. etween the place of choice to hide something is in the books, any part of the house, letters from old flames are one of the usual items That people hide and do not miss keep secret computer use, by storing all files in the folder suites locked. in addition, the effect if concealing something will have an impact on a relationship. this is because the secret kept will not keep long, because sooner or later be discovered. important for every hubngan for secrecy are not mutually each other. f there is any weakness in the pair, it should be shared. according to Frank Warren, he stated that there is an edge if the spouse is concealing something it could create saspen elements while giving hope and be romantic partners. I agree with the ideas presented in the article. this is because each argument written about secrets definition, what is secret and concealed the impact if a relationship. in life is a lot to be withheld from a person unknown. it turns out to be good to ourselves or to someone who may be confidential or otherwise. es, I also strongly agree that sometimes the secret to be the cause of why a relationship falling apart. secret will lead to goodness if we know what our true intentions concealing something. I actually keep things in novels. for example money or old pictures. for my options proposed by the author shows that it is very creative. my suggestion, not all secrets can be kept at a place other than keep it in the heart. it's safer than dismantled by certain parties.

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Where You Keep the Secret

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