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When people become very angry, they are said to be operating from their `dinosaur brain`

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It has been said that the thing that sets human beings apart from all the other creatures in the animal kingdom is the fact that human beings have the ability for discernment and for logical thinking. In times were animals would be ruled by impulse and instinct, human beings are able to control these urges to a certain extent. As beings capable of suppressing baser instincts and impulses, human beings are expected to be above such primal instincts.

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It is for this reason that people who are very angry or emotional and give in to such baser instincts are said to be operating from their “dinosaur brains. ” It is not to say of course that operating from one’s dinosaur brain means that one is also capacitated with the same intellectual capacity as that of those prehistoric animals. Dinosaurs were creatures that had smaller brains than today’s creatures and as such their thinking had not evolved to the same extent.

This means that these animals only followed the basic instincts such as eating, mating and sleeping, offshoots of which are aggression in certain cases in order to preserve and protect. Therefore, any person who is operating from their dinosaur brain is simply exercising the functions that dinosaurs used to use in the underdeveloped brains. Feelings such as anger and hunger become the ruling considerations and logic is never part of the equation.