Wheaton Overlaps
Bates, Boston University, Brandeis, Clark, Connecticut College, Hamilton, Skidmore, University of Vermont
Wheaton retention/ 4 year graduation
Retention 86%; 4 year 77%
Wheaton admissions tests
CR/M low combo 1160
M 580-660, CR 580-680, W NA
ACT 26-30
Test optional
Wheaton ED/EA
ED 84% who apply were accepted
Wheaton % accepted/enrolled
64% accepted; 18% enroll
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Wheaton breakdowns
64% from out of state
2/3 women; went coed in late 1980’s
Not very diverse but administration is working on it.
Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning
Posse Foundation in NYC give scholarships to minority students in groups called posses which helps them feel less isolated.
Wheaton application
Wheaton stand outs
43% go to grad school
Since 2000, more than 130 Wheaton students have received national fellowships, including 3 Rhodes scholars and 4 Marshall scholars. The college remains among the top 10 liberal arts colleges for Fulbright scholars as well.
Wheaton Majors
Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Humanities, Chemistry, Italian, French, Mathematics, Computer Science
Poli sci, IR, econ, history, English and education
Thought of as a humanities school but college is beginning to increase focus on science. Rebuilding all science buildings
Saw new science building
Wheaton cross registration
Can cross register at Brown
Wheaton Curriculum
Distribution requirements are called “foundation courses” include a first-year seminar, English 101, a math course, 2 semesters of language and one of “Beyond the West.”

Requires a capstone senior project. Core classes include English, quantitative skills, foreign language, natural science, and non-Western history. Students also choose a first-year seminar from among 25 sections, each focused on “controversies” that have generated debate or heralded changes in how they experience or understand the world.

Wheaton study abroad/away
12 College Exchange
Study abroad popular
Wheaton Fun Facts
Wife of Mars family—give out M&M’s in college colors
Wheaton hang outs
Balfour-Hood Campus Center hosts theme parties in large atrium, concerts, art gallery
Campus bar called the Loft.
Lyon’s Den coffee house
Wheaton for fun
Wheaton students love to put on their dancing shoes—whether for the Boston Bash party on a boat in Boston Harbor, for the Valentine’s Dance, or for any number of events at Rosecliff, a mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. Spring Weekend features the Head of the Peacock boat race, where students build ships and race them across the pond, as well as live bands and outdoor barbecues.
Wrentham outlet mall
Wheaton Norton
Not a college town
Lots of students have cars. Shuttle to train station every 30 min.
Campus is secluded. Norton does not seem to have much to offer. Nearby Mansfiled has chain restaurants.
Wheaton athletics
Physically fit, Has equestrian team
The Wheaton Lyons compete in Division III of the NCAA. The Lyons nickname honors Mary Lyons, the 19th century educational pioneer who founded Mt. Holyoke. The strongest teams include men’s and women’s soccer—both of which have won numerous championships.
Wheaton traditions
During orientation upperclassmen herd freshmen into the chapel where they chant the incoming class’s graduation year, An upperclassman runs through the chapel and squirts water on a freshman who inherits the job.


Wheaton extra curriculars
a cappella groups popular; community service too.
Wheaton Dorms/Food
100% fresh live on campus; 95% total students
11 theme houses
2 dining rooms
Wheaton career services
Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services gets high marks from students seeking internships—and jobs after graduation.
Wheaton Wheaton Curriculum
The college offers a challenging program–simply referred to as the Wheaton Curriculum–that offers students the flexibility to pursue their interests fully while also exploring the breadth and depth of the liberal arts. The program enables students to make connections among disciplines. Through a series of linked courses Wheaton students can approach the same topic from two or more academic perspectives. What’s the benefit of this approach? Through connected courses you will discover doorways (which others don’t yet know exist) to deeper understanding of the subjects most important to you.
Wheaton campus
Its 400-acre campus blends Georgian brick buildings and modern structures set among beautiful lawns and shade trees. The two halves of the campus are separated by Peacock Pond, which probably qualifies as the only heated duck pond on any American campus. Newest additions to the campus include the $42 million Center for Scientific Inquiry and Innovation.
Wheaton US New Rank #
US New Summary Rank #65 Wheaton College is a private institution that was founded in 1834. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,616, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 473 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Wheaton College’s ranking in the 2014 edition of Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges, 65. Its tuition and fees are $45,074 (2013-14) . Originally founded in 1834 as a female seminary, it became a women’s college in 1912 and finally began admitting men in 1988. Students admitted to the college have the opportunity to select from about 40 majors and more than 70 student-run clubs and organizations.
Academically, students are required to complete “connections,” a series of linked courses that approaches a subject matter from different perspectives and disciplines, giving the student a broad, wide-ranging view of knowledge.
As a residential college, Wheaton requires most students to live on campus, although off-campus housing can be arranged if needed. Students can choose to live in traditional residence houses or themed houses, which place students with like interests in the same living area. Known as the Lyons, Wheaton College is a member of the New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference in the NCAA Division III, and the college fields 21 intercollegiate teams for men and women. Students looking to extend their educational experience have the opportunity to cross-register at Brown University or at nine other local colleges in the Southeastern Association for Cooperation in Higher Education in Massachusetts (Mass Maritime, Stone Hill, Massasoit) for courses not covered in the Wheaton curriculum. Freshmen admitted to the college are required to complete the First Year Seminar program, which gives students the opportunity to learn in small classes through reading and regular discussion. Notable alumni of the college include National Medal of Science winner Dr. Mary Ellen Avery, former New Jersey Governor and former EPA Director Christie Todd Whitman, and Oscar-nominated actress Catherine Keener
Wheaton honor code
The honor code is an important feature of Wheaton College, and all students are required to practice it during their college career. As part of the code, most tests and exams are not proctored and students are often permitted to complete the exam away from the testing location.