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What Role Does Character, Leadership And Service Play In Your Personal Development?

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Chase rushed home from school, eager to speak with his grandmother. “Granny, my teacher said she wants me to be successful. What does that mean? ” “Chase,” granny started, “I cannot tell you what success is. ” “But why not,” Chase replied sadly as he slumped into a chair. “Success is something you have to find on your own, but I can tell you how to get it. ” A huge smile broke across Chase’s face as he sat up attentively; ready to listen to what his granny had to say. “There are many steps to becoming successful, but building character, leading and providing services are the most important…”

Character is defined by the qualities an individual has.

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Character qualities are basically habits that form in childhood, and continue to shape a person throughout life. A person’s character is what makes their overall personality. In order to become successful, it is important to have positive character traits. It is easier for a person with a positive outlook on life to claim success. This is because the optimist can find happiness in the smallest of things. A leader is a person who can take charge and direct. Being a leader creates work ethic and establishes independence, two things you must have in order to become successful.

Leaders must govern a group to make sure a task is being completed, but the job of a leader is not easy. Leaders show independence by setting things in place on their own. Then they let the rest of the group know what to do. If the leader does not do their job, the group will not succeed. Service is helping or doing work for someone else. This is more commonly known as volunteering. It takes a person with a certain type of character to want to give to a cause or community. Giving back presents many opportunities for personal growth. Depending on the type of service you provide, you could gain leadership and teamwork skills.

You might also gain a positive moral and emotional outlook on life. These improvements within yourself bring you that much closer to success. Chase sat back in his seat, soaking in everything his grandmother had said. “So, good character is what makes me a good person, good people can become good leaders and giving service is being good to other people. ” His grandmother smiled, “That is exactly what I mean. ” “It’s like building blocks! ” Chase exclaimed. “You put all three together to make something. ” “Yes, that’s right. ” Granny replied. “Putting all three side-by-side makes a path that, if followed correctly, will lead you to success. ”

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