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What is the Vatican II?

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Vatican II is the last ecumenical council that the Roman Catholic Church had. It is the only council that the Church organized for the past century up to now.

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What is the Vatican II?

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. It is attended by Bishops around the world. Not to be mislead by its name, Vatican II is not a continuation of Vatican I; rather, it is a new council dedicated to resolving new issues. Since this council is held almost half a century ago, maybe it is about time for the Church to finally hold another one, not necessarily to settle new issues, but just to check the overall status of the Christian world, especially with the advent of stem cell research and the continuing issues of birth control. Besides, things today are definitely different from what they were forty or fifty years ago. The council of Vatican II focused on issues on liturgy, the Church, scripture and divine revelation, and the role of the Bishops. The council produced documents regarding these topics, plus twelve more topics that they discussed in the council. Contrary to the previous councils which were held primarily because of the rise of false teachings, the Vatican II did not focus on persecuting heretic teachings

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