What is terrorism

There is really no specified and on point definition because It could mean deferent things to different people and different countries. Because of that being, terrorism could be absolutely anything. Every good thing for one person has a bad side for another person and what is considered doing the right thing to one country, how It affects another country could be taken as terrorism. All In all terrorism Is all about perspective.

The famous quote, “One mans terrorist Is another mans freedom fighter. ” (http://BBC. Co. UK) 9/1 1 and the ASK are two examples of terrorism In the history of the united States. 9/1 1 was one of the most tragic events In the history of the united States and possibly the largest form of terrorism we have ever experienced. For most people when they hear the word terrorism they Instantly think of 911 1 when the twin towers of the world trade center were destroyed by planes flew by Iranians who organized and high jacked the planes.

The ASK, or the Cruel Klutz Klan, was a group of white men who were organized against black people across the country. Terrorism has been about since 1789 and it has always been about the same thing. The purpose is to get attention to gain power, economic wealth, or political wealth. This could be an act of pretty much anything at all but most people usually use the highest form of danger or chaos. In my opinion, terrorism is when someone threatens or endangers someone or their life in order to gain power, ranking, or wealth.

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