What is Biology?

Which characteristic is shared by all living things?
being composed of one or more cells
Which topic related to air travel would most likely be studied by a biologist?
the spread of disease among passengers
As the human population increases, which challenge will most likely be addressed through biology?
increasing food production
What question would a biologist most likely investigate?
Do drier growing conditions affect the size of coffee beans?
How could a biologist researching liver function in mice most likely contribute to medical advancements?
by using findings to predict the effects of certain drugs on humans
Which quality would make the question “What will make cows produce more milk?” a good scientific question for a biologist to investigate?
It is about living things and is testable.
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Over time, biology has explained
many natural phenomena.
Which statement about living things is true?
All living things reproduce.
The scientific method would most likely be used by biologists to answer which question?
How is plant growth affected by differing amounts of sunlight?