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What Duty of Care Means in Children’s and Young People’s Settings

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1, What duty of care means in children's and young people's settings. Duty of care in children's and young peoples setting means the adults providing care have to ensure the child is kept safe from any form of harm or abuse. This can include giving full attention, watching for hazards, accidents and mistakes and following correct procedures. Also ensuring the child is the most important part of your day. 2, How the duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals.

The duty of care contributes to safeguarding by ensuring the child is happy, healthy and safe whilst in your care. This can be done by undertaking thorougher risk assessments and procedures/precautions to avoid accidents, mistakes and hazards such as making sure all equipment is clean and not broken, children are supervised at all time by staff who have the relevant checks and health standards are maintained when preparing food and changing nappies.

Giving children attention and observing their behavior also contributes to safeguarding as you will be better placed to notice any needs the child has as they develop. Task C 1, The main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints in children and young people's settings Listen to complaint Record complaint in writing including all details and facts Speak to manager Ensure person complaining knows a time frame for complaint to be investigated and dealt with Manager will then speak to relevant people, investigate and report back to complainant , How would you respond to a complaint. I would listen carefully and respectfully to the complaint, if appropriate (depending on the nature of the complaint) I would ask other members of staff if they can offer an insight as to what happened, then refer it to my manager. If the manager was not available I would take a written account of all the details/facts and contact the manager who would then investigate and report back to me and the complainant. If the complaint was a staff on staff complaint I would refer it straight to my manager.

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What Duty of Care Means in Children’s and Young People’s Settings

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